CES: New HP Gear, an Ultrabook Tree and One GIANT Laptop

A full week of "geek" is still going on in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show as I write this...and it's been a busy one for HP. In fact, we just got a best-of-CES  award from Notebooks.com for the EliteBook Revolve. I also hit the floor to give you photo evidence of what HP and some of our partners were up to during the show.

HP @ CES: A Photoblog

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is kind of a nerdy mess. THOUSANDS of people swarm in to show off the tech trends for the new year. It’s a lot of sights and sounds to absorb if you're not ready for it. Well, there are parts of it that the press gets up-close-and-personal in a much more manageable ballroom - as opposed to running all around Vegas. Well, I wanted to share a couple pictures that I took during the Digital Experience and Showstoppers events that HP demoed over the past few nights. Then, I wanted to share a couple other things that we did during the show. But, really, CES 2012 was all about the ENVY 14 Spectre.

HP’s CES 2010 Wrap Report

KegComputer_T.jpgMore than 140,000 people jammed into Vegas for this year’s Consumer Electronics show. And, I’m happy to report, that after five days of sensory overload, CES 2011 is in the rearview. Head’s pounding, bank account’s hurting…and I’m eagerly awaiting some of the new tech that I sampled. First, a quick video of stuff that I dug at the show, and then let’s go over some of your comments to come out of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. I could’ve waxed poetic about tablets, 3D and mobile tech, but Phil already covered that ground during his Pre-CES predictions. Me? I tried to scout for some of the more odd-but-cool things to come out of the show.

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CES 2011 in Review

Phil_CES_Wrap_T.jpgI’m getting pretty good at this prediction stuff, so good in fact that some of my team keep pushing to drag me to the sportsbooks in Las Vegas. I think I’ll stick with technology. So how did I do this year? The video below tells the story. More tablets and apps than last year? Check. There were more than 100 new tablets introduced. You want a safe bet: I don’t think there will be that many by summer. More 3D content? Check. In fact, there were some very cool 3D cameras on the floor for those of you who want create your own artistic statements in addition to waiting for Hollywood to crank out more 3D blockbusters.

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The Road to Vegas

Story_Intro_T.jpgThe new HP Pavilion dm1 test unit that I just “borrowed” from the HP labs is said to last around 10 hours on a single charge and has optional GPS built-in. It's got a 250GB HDD and enough AMD Fusion horsepower for me to get 1080p video on-the-go. It's almost a nine hour drive to Vegas from HP's Cupertino offices. You thinking what I'm thinking here? Mark Budgell, My bloggy partner in crime, and I had a mission: See how much mileage we can get out of the dm1 (and the Envy 17 3D) while making the annual Mecca to Las Vegas for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. I like to call it Nerdvana (tm).

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Phil's Predictions for CES 2011

CESPhilPredicts_TN.jpgWith the holiday decorations stowed and Bowl games played (most of them, anyway), it’s time to turn our attention to Las Vegas and the annual Consumer Electronics Show for peeks into what will be creating gizmo envy this coming year. It’s become a tradition for me to predict what’s likely to be cool at the show. Dangerous territory, for sure, but last year I batted a thousand in predicting that the big attention getters would be two exciting new platforms: 3D home television and tablet computers.

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The Slate: A History of Innovation

hpslate We have been bombarded with requests for more information on the slate HP previewed at CES 2010. As you might expect, we won’t reveal the details until it is officially announced and available later this year. What I can tell you is more about our vision for the product and the development process behind it. I cover some of the story in the video, but I’ll tell you more of it here.The slate is not new to the HP family. It has existed, in one form or another, behind closed doors for about five years. The original concept was an e-reader device, which I showed off in 2007. During testing, we shared the prototype with 60 customers, and their feedback had a huge impact.

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