Bond-level security on HP PCs (and Tips!)

When I think of James Bond, it’s all about crazy spy gadgets, watches that shoot lasers – that kind of stuff. But I noticed something in the more recent movies: Instead of rocking cockamamie tech, Q branch relies more on apps. Bond’s tools in the field now include tablets, computers….you know, things that HP innovates with every day. That got me thinking about the new HP EliteBook Folio Ultrabook. Here, you have a slender work PC that’s built with Bond-level security. So, in honor of Skyfall hitting theaters this week, we’re taking a look at some of the security measures baked into HP PCs and a couple security tips that you can use as well.

HP, Nvidia Help Make Skyfall

After a long day of shooting scenes for the new Bond film, ‘Skyfall,’ director of photography Roger Deakins would kick back and watch a movie on the big screen. The one he just shot. How could this even happen? Nvidia’s CUDA processing horsepower…and HP Z820 workstations.

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