DiRT Showdown Looks Sweet on ENVY 17

Lately, I’ve been going on about the games that I’ve been using to test our HP PCs. One of those is the racing game DiRT 3. So, with the pending release of its sequel, DiRT Showdown, I was curious: Would the newest, sweetest-looking racing game hold up on an ENVY 17 laptop? We provided a couple tricked-out units – just like the ENVY 17 that I’ve been using – and put it to the test during a recent press event.

TheNextBenchmark: How I Test HP PCs

You may -- or may not -- have noticed, but as new machines come in, I do my best to get a little quality one-on-one time with these new PCs. Today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the battery of tests that we're throwing at these computers here at HP’s TheNextBench.com. I like to call it, “TheNextBenchmark” because I'm clever like that. Or not. Curious to see how your PC stacks up? I’ve got some of the best tests for your rig – and I’m going to show you where to find ‘em.

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