Over 10 Hours with the ENVY x2

Are you casing public locations for the nearest outlet like some “Last Gas for 200 miles” desperation play? Our intreped blogger rocks the ENVY x2 for a full day without a charger. How far does he get? Click on through....

Real Life Road Test: Folio 13

The Folio13 really is a great little laptop – sorry, ultrabook – when you need to hit the road for work. It’s long battery life more than just a bullet point to put on a press release. In fact, I recently put my money where my mouth is – on the road for CES, I wanted to travel light. Ridiculously light. SO, for a full week, I only used the reasonably svelte Folio13 and nothing else. Heck, I didn’t even bring the charger along with me during the day as I roamed the CES show floor. Want to hear about the results? Read on.

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