The best Android back-to-school apps

Playtime’s over! (Sorry, kids.) School is back in session and odds are you’ve already got your bags packed and headed out the door. Assuming that you’re among the millions of Android-heads already out there, we did a little homework for you today. We are going to give you a hit list of the best Android apps I could find for school work. Want to learn more? Grab some number two pencils and keep reading.

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3 Students: When tech doesn't work in class

I have three nieces, one is in college and two just graduated from college. Now, while I work at HP and have access to all sorts of computer gear, they don’t always use it. To find out why, I asked them – and I’m going to see if there are actually great PC options for their very unique needs. (My thoughts are below in bold)

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Why ENVY Rove 20 Rocks the Dorm Room

dorm room rove - banner.jpgIf you’re heading back to the dorms, leave the TV at home. That big, clunky computer? Give it to your kid sister. The ENVY Rove20 is a lot of things – all packed into a sleek 20-inch screen that you can set up anywhere you want in the quad. Here's some reasons why....


Back-to-School Pro Tech Tips

back to school banner.jpgSummer’s winding down, whether your kids like it or not. Time to gear back up for a new school year. But what technology do they really need to keep on top of their studies? And why? Today, HP’s Elliott Levine is going to give us a couple insights into what could make a great impact with your children.

HP Study: Kids and Computers, #WinChat Edition

Here’s something to think about: Out of 1,001 parents polled, 42% of them leave their kids alone to go online over three hours a day. HP recently commissioned a study from Wakefield Research looking into some of the major concerns for parents of today’s tech-minded kids. This study – and the fact that the back-to-school season is now upon us – was the inspiration for another Microsoft-HP #WinChat this past Tuesday.

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