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One of the things I absolutely love about community sites like YouTube (not to mention The Next Bench, of course!) is discovering how creative people are, regardless of where they live in the world. That’s the amazing thing about the social web, isn’t it?  Technology has leveled the playing field by eliminating borders and breaking down barriers.  Now anyone with Internet connection can post their thoughts and ideas.  A few years ago, the only videos that garnered attention were the ones made with a film studio’s high end set-up.  Today, videos filmed with a simple tool like a web cam have the potential to become a worldwide sensation.


Looking through the submissions for HP’s ‘You on You’ contest on YouTube, I’ve picked out some fantastic videos that offer proof of what I’m talking about.


Watch the Lost Sibling’s video


Learn more about Allyson
 Hear Patrick’s story
 What is your Imagination Amplifier?



You can also check out the First Week Finalists.

If you are inspired, there’s still time to make your own video.  You can upload, make a remix, or use your web cam.  Just don’t forget to hide your pretty face in the video. 

Who do you guys think should be a finalist in week two?  Make sure to cast your vote over here.  And let me know if you submit a video – I’d love to see it!

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