The best Android back-to-school apps

Playtime’s over! (Sorry, kids.) School is back in session and odds are you’ve already got your bags packed and headed out the door. Assuming that you’re among the millions of Android-heads already out there, we did a little homework for you today. We are going to give you a hit list of the best Android apps I could find for school work. Want to learn more? Grab some number two pencils and keep reading.

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HP’s Free Win 8 App List

That new computer you got sometimes comes with pre-installed software that’s really neat – and you might use often. Other times, you’ll just search-and-destroy anything outside the basics and tag everything as bloatware. I’m here to tell you that there are some apps you should keep – and why. And, in the process, I’m also going to show you a couple HP-centric apps in the Win 8 app store right now that you can (and should) go and download right now – for free!

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Must-Download TouchPad Apps

The HP TouchPad is a tablet, sure. It can also be a lot of things to a lot of different people. You wanna get down to business? No problem. Want to kick back and relax without having to bust out your laptop? We gotcha. If you’re already rolling with a TouchPad’s true app multitasking, you can have your account open, play a round of Angry Birds HD, a Kindle eBook and….heck, a Web site running Adobe Flash all open at the same time. Well, I pulled together a key list of go-to apps that no TouchPad owner should be without. 

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