Fetching Wearables

Wearable tech isn't just for people anymore. From highly-functional location and fitness trackers to a smart collar that speaks on your pet's behalf, one thing's for sure: pets and their humans are going to be more connected than ever.



Top Cities for Tech Workers


When you think about the world’s top tech cities, a few immediately come to mind: San Francisco, London, Seattle. Austin, perhaps?


All of these cities have had their share of the tech-boom limelight, but are they still at their peaks? With the exponential growth of Internet access, virtually every city has the potential to become a tech hub. Which begs the question, “Are the traditional tech hubs still the best?”

Open to Tech: 5 Ways Tennis is Winning With Technology

Technology has become a huge presence in tennis, and especially in the Grand Slams. From developments in rackets to real-time match analytics, tennis continues to get smarter each year. Here are five innovations that prove it.



Make a Personal Theater for (almost) Nothing

Want the movie theatre experience but don’t want to leave the house? Here’s how to create the ultimate DIY personal theatre in your own home.


hero img.JPG

What Will the Video Games of the Future Look Like?

With enormous investment in creating the next big gaming innovation, the possibilities of what the future of gaming will brings are endless. We don’t know for sure, but we have listed some trends that hint at what to expect.



The Most Popular Camping Sites, according to Big Data

Curious about what the data reveals about the best camping sites in the world? We pulled, sifted, and analyzed the numbers from across the internet to find which camping spots are the true favorites.



Super-Proprioception: Ourselves, Better

Man and machine working together ever more seamlessly to achieve new goals that each alone would not be able to accomplish, that is super-proprioception.



Technology and Sports: The Transformation of Swimming

The sport of competitive swimming is pretty straightforward. If you swim faster and touch the wall sooner than everyone else, you win. Easy, right? Well, perhaps there is a bit more to the story.



A Summer Trek Through Time and Technology

All you need to get to geek heaven is a lift via plane, train and/or automobile and the coordinates to a bucket list tech destination. You decide the mode of transport and we’ll take care of suggestions for the perfect techie getaway.

Baseball in the Big Data Era

It’s clear that new technology and data analysis are both having a profound impact on teams and players. Will it change the way you watch the game?



Beat Summer Traffic with These Road-Worthy Apps

There are many apps available specifically devoted to beating summer traffic. All of them present distinct takes on the best way to navigate around traffic (or at least mitigate it), and each has something unique to offer. Here are three of our favorites.



How Wolfman Jack Helped Fight Cyberterrorism

Inspiration’s journey sometimes has some surprising twists and turns. For example, some of today’s leading-edge cyber-security encryption might not exist if it wasn’t for… Wolfman Jack?



Biomimicry and Tech Innovation

The tech world’s most fascinating innovations often comes from the natural world. Biomimicry, the emulation of nature’s time-tested designs, has been a source of human inspiration for a very long time.



OpenStack: Where We are and Where We’re Going

Developments and discussions on OpenStack and its future have been happening fast, so we turned to our resident OpenStack contributor, Stephen Spector, to discuss why we think the platform is so important.



Star Wars™ Weekends: A Galaxy Far Far Away

On a warm sunny Friday in May, I had the opportunity to experience the fantastic celebration that is Star Wars™ Weekends, held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® at the Walt Disney World® Resort, Fridays through Sundays from May 15 – June 14, 2015. 



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