The Back to School List No One Else Is Giving Out



You probably already wrote out your back to school list – paper, pens, new backpack. We hate to say it, but that list is incomplete. Don’t worry; we took some time to detail the things you’re really going to need. 

Meg Whitman Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge will surely be a case study in social sharing. We started thinking about all those videos – and storing them. 2.4 million videos is an inconceivably big number, but all those millions of videos would still only consume about 8% of an HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems’s capacity. In fact, that unit would be able to hold about 110 years of Ice Bucket Challenge videos! Our own Meg Whitman bravely accepted Michael Dell’s challenge and poured a bucketful of icy water on her head to raise awareness and funds for ALS research


Looking FWD: E-mail and Humans – Here to Stay

HP_Evolution_blog_header.jpgThe evolution of man is not unlike the evolution e-mail has seen in the last 30 years. A new article in The Atlantic explains how e-mail served important and necessary functions in the early days of online correspondence. It was a way to communicate, stay informed, share files, and present an identity to others. But now there is a host of apps and programs that can shoulder those services leaving many wondering if e-mail is on its last legs. 

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Expert Day Offers Fast, Free Community Tech Support

HP Expert Day 2.jpg


Mark your calendars for August 27th and the next HP Expert Day! It's your opportunity to get fast, free community tech support, wherever you are in the world...

Spreadsheet Masterpiece: Microsoft Excel - More Than Data

HP_ExcelArt_Twitter_1200x600.jpgAhhhh, Microsoft Excel. It’s the overlord of organization. The captain of computation. The Mafia Don of data analysis. The supreme being of spreadsheets and… an instrument of art?


The Best Back-to-School Sweepstakes, EVER



We know back-to-school shopping can get pretty intense. You're excited, maybe a little nervous and just want to start the school year on the right foot. That's why we teamed up with Bed Bath & Beyond to help you get everything you need for back-to-school.

21 Year Old Printer: Just Like New



Do you love your HP printer? I mean, do you REALLY love it? Kathy Price-Robinson does. In fact, the prolific New Orleans remodeling journalist and writer loves her LaserJet 4M+ so much, she’s been using it continually since January of 1994!

Back-to-School Rules for Social Media



While our culture of sharing and, ahem, over-sharing is great, there are dangers involved too, especially for students. Did you know that schools are increasingly monitoring social media to make sure their students are not posting anything untoward? Don’t worry. Just follow these 5 simple back-to-school social media rules, and you’ll be just fine.

HP Study: 70% of Internet of Things Vulnerable to Hacking

HP_IoT_v2 (1).jpg


The increased connectively between your objects definitely creates more connectivity opportunities, but it also creates a potential for more threats. These objects exist within what has become known as the Internet of Things, and the potential for these new security threats is not getting the attention it is due.

Next Time Air Travel Gets Ruff, Just Paws and Relax



Science has demonstrated that dogs and cats can lower our blood pressure and help us relax, and British Airways is banking on it.


Exotic Beach Vacation or this Digital Calculator Watch?



$14,500 can get you a lot nowadays, but instead of a boring old luxury vacation, down payment on a new house, or 14,500 99¢ tacos, why not buy this HP-01 digital calculator watch on eBay instead? 

From Harmonica Tuners to Whatever is Next: We’ll Be There



Who could have imagined during HP’s early days of making harmonica tuners, bowling foul-line indicators, automatic urinal flushers, and audio oscillators out of a small garage in Palo Alto that the company would go on to become what it is today?

Find HP Software & Drivers, Create Family Harmony


If you’ve ever tried to print something at home and couldn’t because you didn’t have the right HP software or driver, I can definitely relate! Find out exactly where to get the printer driver or software you need – and bring back family harmony…


Of Bending Rules and Sharknadoes


Adding sharks to tornadoes with surfer dudes played by guys named Ian definitely bends the rules of reality (and possibly good taste), and both sharks and bending the rules happen to be two specialties of ours.

Check Your Hotel’s Wi-Fi Before You Check In


These days, it seems that hotels are more concerned with being able to claim they offer Wi-Fi than giving you a level of service you can actually use, and review sites don’t always offer a chance for people to rate hotel’s WiFi, so you’ll know who are the worst offenders. That is, until now.

Advocacy & Service Make for Better Customer Experiences



Recently I was perusing some content by people “in the know” about the latest trends in customer service, and I came upon Adrian Swinscoe and Shep Hyken. There are many more people on social media who have deep experiences and lots to say, but Adrian and Shep have recently touched upon some customer experiences that I think serve as good reminders about how complex the customer/business relationship can be…

HP and Batman: 75 Years of #MakeItMatter


Happy Batman Day, the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader’s first appearance on the pages of Detective ComicsIn a stroke of awesome coincidence, we also happen to be celebrating our 75th birthday this year. What do the Dark Knight and HP have in common? You might be surprised.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Selfies at HP


Like everyone else, we at HP like to indulge in a little selfie self-reflection every once and a while, and our little corner of the world definitely has no shortage of selfie-worthy people, events, and nature, but clearly some selfie guidelines are in order. Here are some quick DOs and DON’Ts for taking selfies in life, work, and play.

How to Make Video & Graphics Come to Life



Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some solutions via our Expert Day video series which answers common customer questions. We’ve learned how to replace a hard disk driveupgrade and replace RAM and how to prepare for system back-up and recovery. Just watching these videos of our HP Forum Experts explaining what they know best makes me feel like I’ve reached the next level of understanding not only how to solve common issues, but how to get the most out of my system (and help others).

Of Weird Al and HP Products: A Look Back



Like Weird Al, we became a household name early and enjoyed an unprecedented burst of invention and productivity in the 80s. Also like Al, we resisted resting on our laurels, and kept churning out hits one after another until we reached another era of success and innovation today. His new album, Mandatory Fun, has just dropped and the first wave of music videos for the album are being released as we speak!

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