HP and Batman: 75 Years of #MakeItMatter


Happy Batman Day, the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader’s first appearance on the pages of Detective ComicsIn a stroke of awesome coincidence, we also happen to be celebrating our 75th birthday this year. What do the Dark Knight and HP have in common? You might be surprised.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Selfies at HP


Like everyone else, we at HP like to indulge in a little selfie self-reflection every once and a while, and our little corner of the world definitely has no shortage of selfie-worthy people, events, and nature, but clearly some selfie guidelines are in order. Here are some quick DOs and DON’Ts for taking selfies in life, work, and play.

How to Make Video & Graphics Come to Life



Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some solutions via our Expert Day video series which answers common customer questions. We’ve learned how to replace a hard disk driveupgrade and replace RAM and how to prepare for system back-up and recovery. Just watching these videos of our HP Forum Experts explaining what they know best makes me feel like I’ve reached the next level of understanding not only how to solve common issues, but how to get the most out of my system (and help others).

Of Weird Al and HP Products: A Look Back



Like Weird Al, we became a household name early and enjoyed an unprecedented burst of invention and productivity in the 80s. Also like Al, we resisted resting on our laurels, and kept churning out hits one after another until we reached another era of success and innovation today. His new album, Mandatory Fun, has just dropped and the first wave of music videos for the album are being released as we speak!

Two More Lessons Learned From Other Brands on LinkedIn


Salesforce, who is on the Top 10 Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn list with HP, recently published an excellent article on the big lessons learned from the brands that made the list. We are suggesting a couple more...

Customer Q&A: Replacing or Upgrading Memory?

367 AA computer cleanup.jpg


Computer running a bit slow? Find out a quick and easy way to either replace or upgrade your computer's memory in this installment of our HP Expert Day video series...

HP Wireless Networking is Victorious at the 2014 World Cup



And, the action at the stadiums was no different. Were you there? We were! We were very honored to have our trusty HP's Wireless LAN solution at the stadiums in Porto Alegre, Manaus, and Curitiba help tens of thousands of fans upload content to their favorite social networks, stay connected to their friends, and follow all the action at the games...

HP Named in Top 10 Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn



We are proud to share with you that we are one of the Top 10 Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn. Recently, Linkedin launched the Content Marketing Score to help brands judge the performance of their content marketing efforts.

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Can New APIs Bring Email into the 21st Century?



Over the past several years, apps and platforms have become increasingly interconnected though APIs, making our online lives that much easier, whether we’re leaving a comment on a blog, doing our taxes, syncing photos or registering for new services.

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Here’s to a Happy July 4th



As many of our customers in the United States and elsewhere get ready to celebrate Independence Day, we hope that many of you get to enjoy the time with friends and family. We know there’s a lot of you out there who have loved ones currently serving in the United States military overseas.

Summer Tips to Save Your Laptop's Battery



Summer is officially in full swing. School’s out, pools are open, and laptops are being dragged out of their usual environs to browse the web from the beach, watch movies on airplanes and more. Here are a few factors you should consider to help get the most out of your laptop’s battery.

Celebrating the 5th Annual Social Media Day



If you’re like me, every day is social media day but today, June 30, it’s a bit more official.

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Don’t Get Derailed: Common Printing Issues Solved



We never know how much we’ll miss something until it’s gone. That’s been the story with me and my car since the beginning of the year. So far, I have had to go a total of three weeks without reliable transportation.

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Stay Safe. Say Goodbye to Windows XP.



Get the facts about Windows XP and learn how to keep your environment safe. 

Edit Microsoft Office Documents in Google Docs



Google Docs now lets you open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in their native format. Plus, you can now edit all those types of Microsoft Office files from your HP Chromebook or other Android device.


So You’re a Free Agent Now



What basketball can teach you about keeping your career options open

The Laptop that Lived



Everyone’s been there. The one split second when you realize you’ve probably just destroyed your computer (or tablet, or phone, or, back in the day, maybe your CD player). Maybe that awful dawning has come as you watch your coffee tip toward your laptop. Or maybe it’s come to you as you jump into a pool and remember as your feet touch the water that you forgot to take your phone out of your pocket.

Two Months Later: How Was Your XP to Windows 8 Transition?



It’s been two months since Windows stopped supporting its XP operating system. All the dire warnings went out around the world (and in my own home with three computing devices). So, how'd it go?

Following the World Cup on your PC and mobile devices


Whether you’re a die-hard football fanatic or a casual fan who only perks up for the quadrennial tournament, technology gives you more ways to keep up with the World Cup than ever before.

Customer Q&A: How to Prepare for System Backup and Recovery?



Eight years ago, I lost more than 12 hours of digitized video of our newborn. What was just as hard to admit was the fact that I worked for a computer manufacturer—HP. I should have known better, right?

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