Big Data Cyber Monday

This year, courtesy of big data, we bring you the hottest electronic products of the last three years.



Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Creative Pros

Switching from a Mac to an HP Z Workstation is much easier than you may have been led to believe. Keyboard shortcuts between the two platforms are remarkably similar and this handy infographic sums it up beautifully.



Travel Like a Pro This Holiday

Android innovators have produced a a number of apps specifically geared toward making air travel as easy and painless as possible. So fire up the Google Play Store because we are listing our favorite air travel apps to use this holiday season.



Airport Wi-Fi Keeps You Connected

This holiday season, accommodations are being made for mobile tech users in airports and planes. Here’s a brief overview of what some airports are offering, often with the help of tech companies.



Facebook Tests a New Tool for Business

It has never been easier for people in offices all over the world to write or change the same document in real-time together. Early reports claim that Facebook is working on a service that will help professionals message each other, connect with others in their network, and collaborate on work. 



Big Data Holiday Air Travel

To get you fully in the know, we have created a handy infographic about how much travel airlines are anticipating over the holidays, and which airports will see the most traffic.



An HP Notebook for Everyone on Your Shopping List

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s only going to get more apparent from here on out. We’ve identified four of the toughest types of people to shop for on your shopping list; The Roamer, The Multitasker, The Adventurer, and The Gamer.


HP_Buying_Guide (2).jpg

4 Ways Home Computing is Changing Our Lives

Home computing’s rapid evolution from its early days of personal finance and database use to what it is now is staggering, and the ways in which it has transformed our lives is even more so. Here are a few examples of how computing has evolved in the modern home.



A Max-Level Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

As the games themselves become more data and graphic intensive, the demand on the machine running the games grows correspondingly greater as well. The HP OMEN has enough power not only to easily handle the games that are available now, but, perhaps more importantly, also enough to handle the games that are coming out tomorrow. 



E-lections in the Digital Age

To give you an idea of how much new technology has become imbedded in our electoral process, we put together this handy infographic. How do you make your decisions?



Mission Solved: An HP Support Success Story



In my role @HP, I especially enjoy helping raise visibility about the ways our customers can get quick resolution via many different support options – whether it is traditional phone support, our digital platforms, or our global HP Customer Support Forums. Challenges range from small technical fixes to make sure their HP technology operates even better, or the kind of huge issue that saves both headaches and money down the road. Here’s an example of the latter…

HP Expert Meetups Give Us Customer Support Insights


Earlier this year, we hosted an HP Expert meetup in Brazil. Last month, we were in Shanghai; last week, it was New Orleans; and this week, we’ll be in Amsterdam.  Find out how our Experts are helping us bring the best of HP Social Support to you – and how we’re learning more from them about how we can better solve your trickiest tech questions …

The Emperor’s New Big Data

Spotting “fake” Big Data products: Big Data- you know, you love it, but how do you valuably use it? Firms are labeling nearly every and any product that they sell as a “Big Data Solution,” leaving a gray area as to what is real and what is merely wishful thinking.



Human Marketing in the Age of Big Data

In the days before Big Data, marketers relied on backward-looking focus groups, survey data and most commonly their gut feelings about what would and would not spark connections. Then came the internet and the explosive growth of the online world.



Rave Reviews for HP Elitebooks

HP Elitebooks, our industry-leading line of business laptops, have been getting quite a lot of ink lately, and it’s easy to see why. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a sampling of what’s been said so far by some of the industry’s leading technology reviewers.



Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2015

At their recent Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, FL, the IT research and advisory giants at Gartner  released their annual technology trends report for the upcoming year. With the emergence of smart machines and 3D printing, there is quite a bit to look forward to in 2015.



The Importance of the Personal Touch


I recently revisited an article about how the “personal touch” is as important in online customer support as it is in person – maybe even more so. The author compared it to going into a restaurant or a store and not having anyone say hello, or not asking if the customer needed help…

Bringing David Fincher’s Gone Girl to the big screen

With Gone Girl topping the weekend box office and garnering $38 million in the first weekend alone, it’s evident that the film is generating an enormous amount of attention. But what most movie-goers might not realize, is the integral role HP’s Z Workstations and DreamColor Displays played in adapting Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel to the big screen.


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9 Great Moments in Cloud Computing History

It’s pretty clear that the future belongs in the cloud, but do you know how we got to where we are today? Without further ado, here are 9 Great Moments in Cloud Computing History.



New Products, Support - When & Where You Need It




We just announced a slew of new products – in large part thanks to your feedback and demand for technology that’s not only powerful, but that also looks great. Here are a few support options to help you get all the great performance you expect from your new machine…

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