Will the Thunderbolt 3 Be the Interface to Rule Them All?

What if all your computer’s accessories only required one kind of port? No adapters. No color-coded cords. No time spent trying to figure out what connects to what.




With everything we need connected in at once, our computers can be a jumbled mess of different cords and adapters. To help simplify our lives a bit, Intel unveiled the latest version of their Thunderbolt interface, Thunderbolt 3.


Not only is the Thunderbolt 3 faster and able to support dual 4K 60 Hz displays, but it uses an identical port design as USB interfaces, making it your one interface to rule them all for peripherals of any age.


We are committed to Thunderbolt technology and look forward to featuring it in our products. The only question now is, what will you do with all those old cords if Thunderbolt 3 becomes the new standard?


Of course, recycling is a very good (and easy) option. Or you can get crafty and upcycle them into something completely new. Could you imagine a basket or hammock made from old accessory cords? How about your defining artistic masterpiece? Bird feeder hangers?


We’ve seen some very clever and eye-popping uses for old compact discs. How would you repurpose your extra cords and adapters?


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