Why Beats Audio Jacks Kick Bass in New Mini 210

Not all audio jacks are created equal. Sure, we’ve talked about the HP Pavilion dv7 that came out a couple months back with Beats audio jacks built in here on the blog. And I think it’s pretty sweet that we’re starting to see this technology get infused across larger lines of products now – including the new rev of the HP Mini 210. But what I have to confess is that I didn’t really appreciate these new jacks until a recent road trip. (Below might seem like a minor ramble, but there is a point in here somewhere. I promise).


mini 210.jpgI’m driving and my buddy plugs in his device – which shall remain nameless – so that I can check out some new album. Only problem is that there is some God-awful hiss snaking out of through car stereo distracting me from said awesomeness. I chalk it up to a bum wire connecting into the audio jack and plug in another wire. Then there it is again, that same squealing sound that’s making me want to claw my ears out. Great. Does this mean something’s wrong with the car stereo? Out of curiosity, I whip out my Pre2 and plug it in to try testing the sound in through the car. Yeah, that’s me – such a scientist trying to troubleshoot audio problems when I should be 1) appreciating the music 2) focusing on the road. (That aside, it did sound a little better with less hiss). 


But the specially-grounded audio plugs on new HP laptops that bear Beats branding really do make a difference. It doesn’t hurt that those plugs also partner with specialized audio processing chips on your laptop….but still. The way it was explained to me is that the audio jacks built into many devices, introduce interference. But the Beats audio jacks - in new devices like the Mini 210 – are grounded. Obviously, it’d be kind of bogus for me to try and simulate the sound online. Or even just tell you that it sounds better.


You be the judge for yourself if you’re curious. Trek over to a store and see if you can hear the difference for yourself. The new rev of the Mini 210 hits the streets around June 15th – and other Beats audio notebooks like the Pavilion dv7 are already available so you can check it out, firsthand. What I can do, though, is remind you of a video we put together that walks folks through exactly how the technology works. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the 1950s-style of this “educational film.”



What do you think? Have you tested it out and heard the difference? Tell us what you think.

by Markoz
on ‎05-11-2011 11:36 PM

great! i can't wait for buying one *.*

by franksd8
on ‎08-08-2011 12:48 PM

would buy one in a minute if there was an optical or hdmi jack.

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