What Inspires Design Bloggers?

Recently, HP invited six influential design bloggers to use the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart All-in-One or the HP SpectreONE to prep for the Altitude Design Summit (A.K.A. “Alt”). The challenge: Create an HP Experience Board using art, technology and inspiring images to tell a story. What stories did they tell? Well, you have to keep reading to find out.


Each of the bloggers’ roads to Salt Lake City for Alt was different, but all had the help of HP PCs.  While prepping for Alt, they pinned, photographed, tweeted, and wrote about their upcoming travels, party plans, speech preparations, packing lists, and more. During the show, all their work was displayed in the HP Alt Summit Lounge.


The women were inspired by any and everything—from gathering supplies and piecing together outfits (down to the last accessory), to incorporating the use of color to capture their emotions. Some used the technology to facilitate their DIY crafts and designs—from business cards to paper hearts.


Here’s a glimpse of the trends we saw:


1.       New Year, New Challenges

Mari_smallforbig copy.jpg 

Many of the bloggers welcomed 2013 adventures ahead with open arms. “I always stay more organized and on task if I gather beautiful things around me. I'm ready for big things to come!” said Mari Richards atSmall for Big.


2.       Going Back to the Basics


Another blogger challenged the Fresh Paint app, and keep in mind she has a BFA in painting and drawing. Brittni Mehlhoff from Curbly said, “I've used [the Fresh Paint app] every day since I received the computer as a sketchpad to map out ideas. It's more advanced than similar apps I've seen in the past. You can actually mix paints in it, just as you would in real life, and there are drawing tools as well for creating fine lines and notes.”



3.       Adding a Splash of Color


Melissa Bahen at Lulu the Baker had a prominent theme in her Experience Board: the color yellow. She used her Experience Board to showcase each of her current projects—“the spoons I hand-dipped to attach to each business card, the coffee cup sleeves, photo booth props, and miles of yarn pom pom garland I made for the party.”


4.       Pinning the Day Away


The number one constant source of inspiration for many of the design bloggers is Pinterest. Chelsea Costa atLovely Indeed said her pinboard has never been brighter. “The wide screen [of the HP ENVY TouchSmart] and high quality display make it an entirely new experience. The images just seem more vivid and real, and I never want to go back to a smaller screen!”



5.       Seeking Fresh Inspiration


Amanda Brown fromSpruceand her “Sprucettes” bring a totally new approach to custom upholstery and furniture at their small business in Austin. Their team is always on the lookout for the next trends in home design. Amanda said, “At Spruce, we obsess over fresh fabrics and furniture design, and Lonny Magazine provides us with a monthly dose of new inspiration. With the HP SpectreOne AiO, I can flip through my online subscriptions with an even bigger and brighter experience than reading from a printed magazine. I gasped when I saw this picture-perfect tabletop by Goranson and Ross!”



6.       Falling in Love with Tech


“I'm crazy about hearts this year. I think it's time Valentine's Day got a pop of color,” said Jenny Batt at Hank & Hunt. Jenny is a party crafts champion and we’re lucky to witness the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart serve as inspiration for her next DIY – because she was “loving the colors in the new Windows 8” and the floating tiles and the way her fingers ran across the screen. As a result, she created a floating paper hearts wall, which she then tied into the theme of her Experience Board. “In these days, when we are bringing craft tutorials to life on the internet, you can't do it without a great PC,” Jenny said.


How does your current computer inspire you? What do you do with your PC on a daily basis – and what would you hope to do in the future with your “dream” PC? Read more about our #HPAlt Brand Ambassadors on their blogs to follow the rest of their journey with Alt and HP.



Check out more of the #HPAlt adventures on the HP Flickr album.

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