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Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system is out – and we’re getting tons of questions about how it’ll work with our printers, desktops and notebooks. You know who else is getting asked the same questions? Microsoft….and a bunch of tech journalists. So recently we conducted a two-hour Tech Talk #Winchat to help answer Windows 8/HP compatibility questions.


On the support side, the @HPSupport gang joined forces with Richard Hay (@winobs), WindowsObserver.com; Jeremy Likness (@jeremylikness), author of Building Windows 8 Applications with XAML and C#; Paul Thurrott (@thurrott), WinSuperSite.com; Tom Warren (@tomwarren), The Verge; and David Murphy (@thedavidmurphy), PC Mag/PC World, Maximum PC.


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Nearly 1,500 tweets later, we helped answer some of your most common support questions – and you gave us lots of kudos for that. Like @dfalln1, who tweeted “@HPSupport is really working to lead the way in support!,” and @myfroject, who said “I am really glad you guys are doing this. It’s definitely helpful, especially two old ones who get technically afraid. THANK YOU!”


Hot topics, questions answered

The hottest topics during our chat?  Customers wanted to find out about online resources for printer drivers and tips for a smooth upgrade to Windows 8, plus information on where to find Windows 8 how-to videos. Here are the top questions asked, and answers to help you make the transition…


Q. What are the top benefits consumers will experience with Windows 8?

A. Boot speed! The first thing that consumers notice with their PCs is sluggish boot speeds. Windows flies in that regard. For example, PC Magazine tests for Windows 8 startup/shutdown speeds found that Win 8 started in 19.6 seconds, and shut down in 11.9 seconds. Speedy file history backups are another plus for users.


Q. What’s your best piece of advice for those planning to upgrade to Windows 8?

A. Use the Web Installer – lots of good help at both ends of the setup process. Also, for the mouse – get familiar with both corners of the screen and use the scrollbar. Our experts also recommended that you choose to custom/clean install Windows 8 (versus doing an in-place upgrade) if you’re having any issues with your PC, as well as checking your existing applications for compatibility at microsoft.com/en-us/windows.


Q. What’s the most common hurdle you think a PC user might face in upgrading to Windows 8 – and what’s the best way to overcome it?

A. Our experts cited “fear of the Metro interface,” saying that it will take some time to get used to it – but that “it’s a snap” once you do; software compatibility (watch the how-to videos!); and working without the Start button. The fix? Get used to hitting the Windows key, then typing part of an app name to make quick work of a fast search.


Our customers had great advice, too, like @WinObs, who tweeted “Be patient when you upgrade to Windows 8 and take time to learn the new layout & functionality,” and “The most important part of the upgrade is to back up your files – and then have a backup plan when you’re done.”


Q. Will [my printer] work with Windows 8?

A. Updating printer drivers is another hot issue for users – as well as finding the right driver that works with their printer. Jeremy Likness, one of our experts on the chat, said “printer users are likely to find their printer magically works!” If not, he advises, go to the vendor website and look for Windows 8 drivers.

Another of our experts said that many users believe they automatically need to go find a driver – but that most common HP (and other) drivers are included with Windows 8. In the end, our experts and advisors said that Windows 8 offers “lots of options for users, and that upgrading was a very smooth process.


Q. Where can I go for the best support content on Windows 8?

A. Users cited the built-in Support Assistant tool on their Windows 8 HP PCs to help them get support quickly and easily, as well as the “social support” aspect on HP’s Forums and getting advice from others to help them make the transition to Windows 8. Users also said the PC and printing YouTube video links on the HP Support site were valuable resources.


Want more info? Check out Darren’s Next Bench post on 8 Great Windows 8 Links, as well as the links below for more details:

** Please note that if you purchased your system before October 1, 2011, HP has not tested these PCs or developed Windows 8 upgrade instructions or drivers for them. Upgrading such systems may be tricky. If you have any doubts, you should first check out Microsoft’s Windows 8 Compatibility Center (or download the Windows Upgrade Assistant)  


Any of this help you? You have questions of your own? We’d love to hear them!

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by Spunkymunky
on ‎02-07-2013 01:54 PM

I upgraded to win 8 from win 7..   Big mistake!!


my HP CP1025nw won't work....HP said they would have a driver for it soon...that was over a month ago...in the meantime my printer is a paper weight!!

by ivramgrace
on ‎01-19-2015 03:42 AM
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