Wallpaper Artists: Cristian Boian

Your technology isn’t just a reflection of you; it’s what fuels your passions. And considering that the background on your desktop is something you look at most of the day, shouldn’t it be something inspiring? Something different? We’re speaking with a collection of artists whose work will appear on the latest HP desktops and laptops. Read their stories here on thenextbench.com, see their art…and download it for free from HP’s Facebook page.


Cristian_P.jpgThe Next Bench: How did growing up in Romania impact your art?

 Cristian Boian: Tracing back my passion for visual arts, I cannot think of any specific impact my growing up in Romania had on my work. In Romania – and especially in a small town like mine – the digital scene is still underdeveloped, but as the reach of the Internet continues to spread, everything is about to change. That said, I am just grateful to be able to convey my aesthetic however I can.


TNB: Before pursuing art, you worked as a carpenter. How did that transition happen?

CB: The transition from one to another came from my desire to be able to combine both of them in the near future. I am continually fascinated by the look of wood fiber, metallic lines, plastic forms and glass reflections. I think that these have many things in common, and combined with digital technology, one can produce something pleasant and hopefully useful as well.


CristianHS_P.jpgTNB: You’ve been displaying your work through social media tools, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Behance – are they primarily for sharing your work? Or does feedback from other people factor into your creative process?

CB: Sites like Flickr and Behance have helped me find many people with whom I have something in common. There is also a Romanian network called Portfolios where I share my work and I want to thank all the teams behind these networks. The social tools mentioned are very powerful and useful tools in communication, but also a very valuable source of information.


TNB: I know it's hard to choose a favorite, but out of everything you've worked on which one meant the most to you? And why?

CB: A favorite of mine is entitled “Wall forms”. It appears to be so simple but it’s the result of my love for symbols, forms and mystery. I like it because of its power to generate ideas on a different spectrum. 


TNB: Were you surprised when HP approached you to develop a wallpaper design? Was it something you’d done before?

CB: I’ve done wallpapers before and being one that loves displays and screen wallpapers I felt comfortable during the whole process. But I was taken by surprise with HP’s proposal and I glad for the opportunity.


TNB: Did you conduct any research on the state of wallpaper art? Or did you have any pre-conceived notions about it?

CB: I did not conduct any research and I didn’t have any preconceived notions about wallpaper art. I am open to experimentation to express myself. But I did develop upon the styles I used on previously-built pieces to create my pieces for HP.


TNB: What’s next for you? Where are we likely to see your art in the future?

CB: I am eager to experiment, create even more new things and maybe get some of my work outside the digital scene as well.


What do you think of Cristian’s work? Let us know in the comment box below.

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