WIN 8 Tips: HP touchpad Gestures

The other day, Darren was sharing a couple of his favorite Windows 8 tips – and that inspired me to share a favorite of mine with you on the blog.


Now I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Windows 8’s interface, but few people mention a neat feature with HP touchpads that really adds to the experience when you’re using a non-touchscreen Windows 8 notebook. I even find myself using it on a touchscreen machine now and then.


You probably know by now that Microsoft has designed in a great set of keyboard shortcuts and corner actions for the mouse user to get access to the most useful edge gestures of the touchscreen such as exposing the charms and switching applications.


On an HP notebook computer like the Envy and Pavilion sleekbooks, you have a second way of using the touchscreen gestures. The touchpad! Try these on your HP Windows 8 notebook computer:

1)      Scroll the tiles by placing two fingers slightly apart on the touchpad and moving left or right. The tiles will scroll just like they do with the touchscreen machines. You can scroll vertically on long documents and web pages too.

2)      Pinch and zoom the display contents by placing two fingers on the touchpad and moving them closer together or farther apart. You can do this with the tiles or in an app like the browser.

3)      Swipe a finger from the palmrest to the right of the touchpad to about the center of the touchpad to show the charms.

4)      Swipe a finger from the palmrest to the left of the touchpad about to the center of the touchpad to switch applications. You can do this one over and over if you have lots of applications running.

5)      Swipe a finger from above the touchpad to about the center of the touchpad to expose the extra UI features in most Win8 apps.


Practice each of theses a few times and pretty soon you’ll be using that touchpad for a lot more than just pointing and clicking.


While you can accomplish the same things with mouse movements and buttons I think you’ll find that once you begin using the touchpad for them you’ll wonder how you managed before. Have fun exploring and using Windows 8 on your HP notebook computer.


If you have any great tips, I’d love to hear ‘em!




on ‎11-21-2012 11:51 PM


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