UPDATE: Last Chance

More TouchPads on the Way  UPDATE: Last Chance


At HP, we try very hard to provide a positive experience to every customer who purchases an HP product. In some cases, like the HP TouchPad where supply has been extremely limited from the start, we simply cannot meet demand. We are now announcing that while some retailers will have limited stock available, HP’s online inventory is depleted.


Thank you for your interest in this product and the feedback you provided. Your input plays a critical role in defining our product roadmap and will help us continue to bring innovative products to market.  


I finally have some solid news to share about TouchPad availability.


Before I share, let me first say thank you for enthusiasm for this product. Since we announced the price drop, the number of inquiries about the product and the speed at which it disappeared from inventory has been stunning. I think it’s safe to say we were pleasantly surprised by the response.


Despite announcing an end to manufacturing webOS hardware, we have decided to produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand. We don’t know exactly when these units will be available or how many we’ll get, and we can’t promise we’ll have enough for everyone. We do know that it will be at least a few weeks before you can purchase.  See more information in the updated FAQs below.


Bryna (@BrynaatHP) and I (@MarkatHP) will update you here and on Twitter on the status of the new batch of systems. Please continue to share your thoughts and questions with us. Although we can’t respond to every one directly, we are sharing your feedback with teams inside HP.


Please note that many of the questions below address concern about orders previously placed on our HP Home & Home Office and HP Small & Medium Business online stores. It’s important to note that these are separate stores with slightly different procedures. We also know that we’re sparse on information about availability outside the US. We will share updates on regional availability as the information comes in.


Updated TouchPad Availability & Pricing…


Q: When is HP getting more HP TouchPads?  One week, two weeks, a month?

A limited supply are coming and it will be a few weeks before they are available.  As we know more about how, when, and where TouchPads will be available, we will communicate that here and through email to those who requested notification.  We can tell you that HP’s Small and Medium Business team has sold out of HP TouchPads and will not have more inventory.


Q: Can you comment on whether HP had to manufacture more to meet the recent demand?

HP will be manufacturing a limited quantity of TouchPads with webOS during our fourth fiscal quarter 2011, which ends October 31.


Q: Will HP continue to make more TouchPads with webOS to meet the demand?

HP is discontinuing the development of webOS devices and is winding down device operations within our fourth fiscal quarter 2011.


Q: Will the notification/alert emails go out all at once so everyone has a fair shot?

All those who requested notification have been notified today that more are coming in the future, and will be notified again when more specifics are known.


Q: How does HP plan to address disappointed customers?

All those who requested notification have received a one-time exclusive offer along with their email as our thanks for their patience and loyalty throughout this situation.


Q: What about retailers?  Some retailers won’t price match or drop their price to $99.

Each retailer will manage their own policy and process regarding pricing and price matching.  Please contact the local retailer of your choice to see what their current position is.


Q: Please limit stock to 1 per person: some people are getting 20 and then selling them on craigslist and eBay for a major profit.

If more inventory is available in the future, there will be an order limit.


Q: What if you already own a TouchPad but want to get $99 pricing?

Please contact the retailer or the specific HP store where you originally purchased for their policy on this question.


Q: What about other regions, such as hp.ca, etc.?

At this time, other regions have limited to no inventory available.  Please check with your chosen retailer or your local hp.com web site for more information.


Q: Any news on discounted TouchPad accessories or Pre2 or Veer phones or accessories?

Limited inventory remains on TouchPad and smartphone accessories.  Please visit HP Home & Home Office or your chosen retailer for current availability as this situation is changing rapidly.


Information about Online Orders…


Q: What does ‘your order has been captured’ mean?

If you received this message when placing an order, it means the order itself was captured.  Because of the fast pace of orders being received, that order may not have been fulfilled once processed.  If it was not you should have received a cancelation notice.


Q: The website had issues, so I couldn’t place an order.  Can I still order a TouchPad?

More information will be available in the next few days about whether HP’s Home & Home Office Store will have more units available in the future or not.  HP’s Small and Medium Business team has sold out of HP TouchPads.


Q: Does my TouchPad order qualify for free shipping?

No other discounts or promotions can be applied to the TouchPad promotion.  However, because a Free Shipping offer was on the website for a portion of the promotional period and some customers received Free Shipping as a result, we are waiving ground shipping charges for all customers who ordered the TouchPad after the reduced promotional pricing was announced on Saturday August 20.  Ground shipping charges are being manually removed from all orders that had ground shipping.  However, for those orders that have already shipped and invoiced, a credit will be applied for the standard ground freight charges and a revised invoice sent.


Regretfully, expedited shipping is not available on the TouchPad promotion orders.  If you requested and were charged for expedited shipping, you will receive a credit for those charges.  If your order has already shipped and invoiced, a credit will be applied and a revised invoice sent.


Q: Can I use an eCoupon or HP corporate discount to my TouchPad order?

No other discounts or promotions can be applied with the TouchPad promotion. 


Q: What if your order status says approved but you haven’t received an email yet?

You should have received either an email confirming your order, or an email canceling your order if we were unable to fulfill it.  If you received no follow-up emails after placing your order online, please contact us at www.hpdirect.com/shop/liveassistance


Q: Can I return my HP TouchPad?

No. Any HP TouchPad purchased at the price promotion of $99 and $149 is not eligible for a return. 


If you are having technical difficulties with your product or it was damaged during deliver, please contact HP Technical Support at 1-800-474-6836.


Q: What is the process for withdrawing my cancel request?

Unfortunately, if you requested to have your TouchPad order canceled, it is already in process and cannot be stopped.  We are not able to reprocess the order due to lack of TouchPad inventory.


More Information about Online Orders from HP’s Home & Home Office store…


Q: I placed my order online with HP’s Home & Home Office Store. How can I check the status of my order from HP?

For Home & Home Office customers you can check your order status here.  Once you follow the steps to either enter order number and phone number or sign into the site, you will be shown your order status:


  • If it shows Shipped, then your order has already shipped.
  • If it shows Item being processed, then your order is in queue to be shipped and all shipments should be complete by Wednesday August 24, 2011.
  • If it shows Order Pending, then your order is in review and we ask you to please check your order status again the next business day.
  • For all other order statuses, please contact our call center at 1-888-476-3988.


Q: Why was my order canceled from HP Home & Home Office Store?

Because of the fast pace of order volume over the weekend, some customers placed orders which we were unable to fulfill.  Those customers received cancelation emails informing them that we were unable to fulfill their order and that their credit would appear on their bank statements within 3-5 business days.  If you have not received an email notification and are still uncertain, please visit www.hpdirect.com/shop/liveassistance for more details.


More Information about Online Orders from HP’s Small & Medium Business store…


Q: I ordered from the HP SMB Store during the promotion but the discounted price was not reflected in my cart/order confirmation page/invoice.  Is HP honoring the discount price?

Yes, some of our SMB customers may have experienced a pricing error while purchasing on August 20th and 21st. We are in the process of ensuring every order is honored at the discounted price.  Most orders are being manually updated to reflect accurate pricing, prior to invoicing being sent.  However, for those orders that have already shipped and invoiced, a credit will be applied for the difference and a revised invoice sent.


Q: I placed my order online with HP’s SMB Store.  How do I confirm that it was received?

For orders placed after 4am CT on Monday 22nd August, US SMB had already sold out of HP TouchPad. We are unable to fulfill these orders and they have been cancelled.  If you saw a reserve hold for the amount of your order on your credit card, no actual charges have been made and this reserve hold will be released now that the order has been cancelled.


If you placed an order prior to 4am CT Monday, August 22, we are working through the large volume of orders, verifying payment details and seeking to source inventory for fulfillment.  This process is taking longer than first anticipated. At this time, we cannot guarantee supply to all these orders but are working to supply as many orders as possible. If you saw a reserve hold for the amount of your order on your credit card and your order cannot be fulfilled, no actual charges have been made, and this reserve hold will be released if the order is cancelled.


You can check your order status here.  If your order is not recognized, please check your order status again the next business day. When inventory has been allocated the status will change to “shipped.”   Please note that planned ship and delivery dates on the order status page are not accurate for TouchPad orders. You can only be certain that we have identified a unit to fulfill your order once the order status shows a shipment tracking number.


Q: Why was my order canceled from HP Small & Medium Business Store?

If you placed an order for a HP TouchPad on Monday, August 22nd – Wednesday, August 24th this was after a Sold Out message was posted on our webstore. All of these orders are being cancelled.  If you saw a reserve hold for the amount of your order on your credit card, no actual charges have been made and this reserve hold will be released as soon as the order is canceled.


There are several reasons that your order would have been canceled if you placed it on Saturday, August 20th or Sunday, August 21st, such as a duplicate order found or billing issues on the account.  If you believe your order was canceled in error, please contact an HP Customer Service Representative at 1-866-625-0242 (Dial option #3) or via Email Customer Service option who will be happy to assist you. Please be aware that we are experiencing significant call volumes with extended wait times, so we ask for your patience.



Mark Budgell

Mark Budgell (@MarkatHP) is Editor-in-Chief of The Next Bench and a Social Media Strategist.



by jennkaotic
on ‎08-29-2011 11:37 AM

I cannot beleive we are talking about not fulfilling orders that were made on SMB and also about "how" you will be taking new orders. Please tell me that you will fulfill ALL the orders made before 4am on the 22nd before even thinking about taking new orders. I made my orders in good faith while you were stating the product was available.

by order-cancelled
on ‎08-29-2011 11:39 AM

I think HP should just set their price of the remaining 16GB laptops at $199 and provide everyone who signed up at the "notify me" page with a one-use "$100 off" coupon code.  This will stop this crazy speculative fiasco on Ebay (screw those greedy monsters, they deserve it), and get the remaining laptops distributed out fairly to those who have been trying to get one, at the original clearance price. Do something similar with the 32GB units.

by bjy71071
on ‎08-29-2011 11:43 AM

3 per household?  What a sense of entitlement you have!

by cats
on ‎08-29-2011 11:57 AM

one time use coupon code can be abused as well. Greedy people will sign up using multiple email address. The best thing to do is to limit 1 per household. System will reject any order that is going to same address. 


on ‎08-29-2011 11:58 AM

I really hope you re-read this comment-


Please tell me that you will fulfill ALL the orders made before 4am on the 22nd before even thinking about taking new orders. I made my orders in good faith while you were stating the product was available.

by Quicklysell
on ‎08-29-2011 12:08 PM

I think HP should go after Ebay and Craigslist ads that are doubling the price. The only people making money are the losers that were allowed to buy as many as they wanted initially and now the rest of us suckers either dont get one, or have to pay double, and especially Ebay since it is making money off the final value fee.


For the idiots willing to pay double to the pirates please stop. Let those idiots get stuck with them and watch the prices come down on that stuff.

I love my Hp Desktop"s and my industructible Laser printer that wont ever break down so I can keep buying those expensive A12 Toner cartridges for the rest of my life. I have so many of the old cartridges stacked in my garage Im hoping they are worth something someday. Smiley Happy

It also would be nice if HP gave an indication of when there will be any more touchpads, if really at all. Maybe there might could be, possibly soon stay tuned. geez give me a break, either your out of the business or your not. Cant be that much supply really left anyway.

I was going to get one of these HP Touchpads for my kids to destroy to keep them off my home computer. At 99 & 149 its worth it for a family, otherwise it is just another item we cant afford.

by estockda
on ‎08-29-2011 12:09 PM



You seemed to answer everyone's question around mine, but skipped over mine.  Why can't I get a direct answer from HP about how original TouchPad customers are going to be "taken care of" if their retailer won't offer a pricematch?


A lot of people here are complaining about not being able to get a TouchPad.  They had 49 days to get one if they wanted.. for full price.  The loyal customers are the ones that believed in the TouchPad (more than the execs even) and bought one before it was abandoned.  Now some of those customers are getting the cold shoulder.  What gives?



by Quicklysell
‎08-29-2011 12:15 PM - edited ‎08-29-2011 12:24 PM

Man there are some serious whiners in here. Stop crying and get in line like everyone else wanting one of these deal of the century tablets, or just go pay double. You all should be pissed about the whore mongers that got as many of these as they wanted and now can double the prices! Thats a travisty! HP and Ebay must be splitting the final value fees.

I even think HP made a mistake selling these so low. They could have sold the 16 gig for 150 and the 32 gig for 200 and still had the same demand. Dont these manufacturers learn anything? Its not that we dont want this or that product its you make it so many of us cant afford them. When you put a price on it that every person can afford you get a stampede of buyers. One of the main reasons I wont buy an Apple product is because they are to expensive initially and the beatings continue with there apps since those are expensive to.


In my opinion Apple = EXPENSIVE


HP could sell another million of these touchpads at these prices. If I could get one today Id be at the store.

by Rick89114
on ‎08-29-2011 12:22 PM

If there are more to be purchased in the future, will they be offered for sale to the persons who registered for the notification in a special email?  Instead if crashing your website in a firesale, you should reserve one for each email that signed up for noticication give those persons x amount of time to claim and pay for thiers then have a firesale when all is done and there are any left over.

by trios918
on ‎08-29-2011 12:23 PM

Still on hold...LOL

by illtrythis
on ‎08-29-2011 12:31 PM

here's the question you didn't answer (and nobody asked)




i have no doubt there is a decision ... probably dependent on the count in the warehouses ... the least you could do is tell people ... many of whom have been abused by your retailers - all this doesn't leave anyone feeling good about you either


why are are you keeping people hanging like this?

by sgtralph
on ‎08-29-2011 12:45 PM

@sgtralph - our PCs won't disappear. There might be some changes in our corporate structure, but the business will remain. More here: http://h20435.www2.hp.com/t5/The-Next-Bench-Blog/A-Toast-to-Opportunity/ba-p/68581   


Heyy, I didnt know that. Thats good news. I have an HP all in one and I love it. Not too mention the HP I use at work. All good PC's. Are they spinning off the Tablet business as well?



by sgtralph
on ‎08-29-2011 12:54 PM

I agree with Rick89114 . HP should do a count and reserve a TP for everyone who signed to be notified. Give them a special code to use when ordering. No website crashes, no more speculators; just one TP per email (and even do a cross check to make sure that its also one per physical address).  Sounds fair to me.



by ChuckJ
‎08-29-2011 12:54 PM - edited ‎08-29-2011 12:55 PM

Why is it so hard to tell what HP Touchpad inventory will be when the next shipment comes in?  Doesn't HP use a realtime inventory checking system?  It's sad to see a company like HP doesn't know how to keep track of an inventory.  By now, HP should have received returns from majority of

retailers and should know how many are left at the warehouse.  It shouldn't be so hard to figure out.  Bring out your HP calculator, I will show HP how to add and subtract.  Very simple.

by Quicklysell
‎08-29-2011 12:55 PM - edited ‎08-29-2011 12:56 PM

Get in line.

by Vikramjit27
on ‎08-29-2011 12:58 PM
I read somewhere online...that best buy is asking every customer to fill a form for the table. And they will have a raffle or something once they receive the shipment. So I went to the local best buy and asked them about this. The guy told ne that they never gonna get any hp tablet back in stock, seems like hp already told them that there are no more tablets. I m hoping I m wrong and we will hear something positive from hp.
by jkbrowne
on ‎08-29-2011 01:00 PM

I agree with Rick8914 and sgtralph.  The folks who registered to be notified should be given first priority to buy without having to worry about missing out if they don't get the email within the 5 minutes it's going to take for them to sell out.  If they don't purchase it within a reasonable amount of time (24 hours or so) then it should go back into the "pool" for anyone else to buy it. 

by Quicklysell
‎08-29-2011 01:01 PM - edited ‎08-29-2011 01:08 PM

I think they should set up a ring in front of every Best Buy and people can just fight for the tablet. Win or lose you get one, but if you lose you only get a 16 gig. ESPN could cover the fights, call it HP Rumble in the Touchpad Jungle. I would also advise anyone that wants one of these to never sleep and to stay on this page until they make an announcement. Smiley Happy

Cant you see why this page was set up? They want to see how many hunters are still out there. So the HP Execs ads can run out on eBay to determine how many they really have left.


Man you people are some serious cry babies and really spoiled.
Its the only fair thing to do waaaaaaa  waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaa. Stop sniveling.
Since people cant sign up for an email anymore is that fair for people?

Id say fastest credit card wins. Period. Smiley Happy


by trios918
on ‎08-29-2011 01:07 PM

People are hilarious on here...fight for it just like everyone else did lol...I am still on hold and have been now for 6 hrs!! thank the lord for headsets and speakerphone LOL

by Quicklysell
on ‎08-29-2011 01:11 PM

Why would anyone stay on the phone for 6 hours? Isnt your time worth more than what one of these cost? After 6 hours wouldnt that pretty much tell you, theres no one gonna answer?? Smiley Wink

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