The Voice of Technology

“The voice to me even more than the eyes, is the window to the soul.” It’s a statement for poets or philosophers and Mary MacDonald-Lewis. Mary Mac (to her friends) may be a little  biased on the subject. After all,  she has a lifetime of experience to back her up – 30 years as a voice actor. Listen to her speak and you can’t help but be captured by the passion she radiates for voice. Pay close attention to her voice and it might even start sound a little familiar.


Ask any nostalgic nerds (I’m looking at you, Darren) – they’d remember her as Lady Jaye in the animated series GI Joe. You can see some of her work, here. But beyond that, she is the voice of technology. Her uncanny talent and minute control over the elements of her voice has landed her a job as the first voice of the Portico system. That spawned numerous other voice recognition applications including OnStar. She continued the tradition by becoming the voice of OnStar.  It’s with that in mind, I took a little time to catch up with Mary Mac in the HP Smarthome. We chatted about voice, technology and the human spirit. Check out some clips from that interview.




(Between you and me, I’m tempted to edit up the parts of this video and use audio clips so that the SmartHome will talk back to me.)


I’d love to hear what you guys think of all this. Please drop me a line in the comment box and let me know what kind of conversations you’ve had with technology – or maybe where you might have heard Mary’s voice.

by Jeremy S
on ‎03-09-2011 09:50 AM

Wonderful interview.  Mary does have a magical voice, very peaceful.  Compare that to my GPS, whom I have given the name "Rhonda", who is constantly and impatiantly "recalculating" when I take a wrong turn.  Is there a firmware update that I can upload Mary's voice instead?

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