The Importance of the Personal Touch

Sparklers.jpgWhy the "Personal Touch" is so Important...

On the @HPSupport channels, we strive to bring a human aspect to everything we do.  There’s no doubt that we ALL want to be acknowledged – especially when we have a problem, or need help fixing something – and the example in this article underscored why it’s so important.


After all, if we feel like we’re being ignored – no matter where we are or what we’re trying to get help with or purchase – we’re more likely to have a negative experience.

That’s why acknowledgement of customer needs is such a focus for us on all our social support channels – whether it’s on the HP Forums, at @HPSupport on Twitter, at HP Support on Facebook, or on any of the other online channels where we can communicate with our customers worldwide. Here are a few of the ways we’re communicating with our customers online…


Twitter & @HPSupport

If you’ve ever reached out to the HP team on Twitter with a tech support question, you’ll notice that our team signs on in the morning and signs off in the evening. It’s akin to saying hello when you walk into a store, or “have a nice day” as you’re walking out – acknowledging you’re online, and letting you know we’re there to help if you need it.




We’ve found that our customers appreciate the efforts, and we’ve been better able to deepen our relationships and customer engagement as a result. It’s a win all around!


Resolving problems quickly – online and off

The last thing we want to do is make our customers wait for a resolution to their tech support issues. In fact, in a recent Zendesk survey, 69 percent of those interviewed “defined good customer service as receiving a quick resolution to a reported problem.”


That also includes having customer service representatives who are empowered to resolve problems – without having to look to those at higher levels to help solve them.  On the HP Support Forums, our Experts around the globe have the “expertise,” the freedom and, most importantly, the intense desire and motivation to solve issues directly for our customers.


When that happens, they get kudos from you and others who are benefiting from their response. Kudos matter because they mean the answer given is not only an “accepted solution” according to the person who asked the question, but also because the community agrees, too. The more kudos, the better!






Continuing our efforts…

When you come to us with a technical glitch or issue, all you want is to find out how to fix it so that you can get on with your day – no hassles, no headaches. Our ultimate goal is always to help our customers address their tech issues, and get them up and running again – quickly and easily.


The importance of making a positive first and last impression can’t be overstated. Whether it’s meeting someone for the first time or here, in the case of customer service, it boils down to common courtesy.





And for us as a large company, it’s even more important – whether those interactions are in-person at a store, or online when you need help. Rest assured that there’s always a real person behind the answer or accepted solution to every question. Let us know how we can continue to make your experience with us the best there is, whenever you need support – even if it’s just so you can watch that favorite TV show on your laptop…




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