The HP x2 Family Gets a Little Bigger. And Smaller.

So I’ve been using the ENVY x2 and chronicling my adventures with it for some time now. I’ve saluted its battery life, flexibility and take-anywhere size. Today, we’re announcing how the x2 line is getting bigger (with the 3rd Gen Core-processor-powered Split x2) and smaller (thanks to the SlateBook x2, the first Android hybrid to rock an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor). So, since I’ve got your attention let’s dig a little deeper into both.


Assuming for a second that you don’t know about the x2 (REALLY?!?!?) let me break down to you what the line is all about – Hybrid PCs! These are awesome tablets. They are tiny, flexible and sweet looking laptops. In truth, they are both. The main components sit behind the screen. Batteries sit in both the screen and keyboard, giving you a long run between recharges. And once you slide that toggle switch just above the keyboard, an x2’s screen pops off and you’re in tablet mode. I caught a LOT of people off guard when I showed them the ENVY x2 for the first time. Now, the big surprises are that you can get a little more powerful (and even smaller).


HP Split x2 - Detached.jpgThe Split x2

Let’s start big with the Split X2. In all my playtime with the ENVY x2, I loved it, but wished for a little more horsepower. Y’know, to play more sophisticated games, perform a few more activities….that sort of thing. In order to accommodate that, the x2 is a 13.3-inch tablet/laptop hybrid. Under the hood: A 3rd Gen Intel Core processor runs the show. So, where the ENVY x2 has you covered on ridiculously long battery life, the Split makes room for a little more power. Oh, and nice bonus: You can also opt for an extra HDD in the base. So, you can have up to 128GB on the unit itself and theoretically another 500GB waiting for you in the keyboard base. This actually solves one of the juggling acts that I’ve been performing with the ENVY x2: I always have additional Micro SD memory cards lying around to store music, videos and photos so I don’t use up the hard drive space. Having so much flexibility on memory here is just awesome.


Of course, it’s a bigger machine, so it’s going to weigh in a little more. The whole thing – as a touchscreen laptop – weighs 4.85 pounds. Pop out the screen and you’ve got a mighty powerful 2.3-pound tablet.


Something else I came to quickly appreciate with my initial hands-on time with the Split x2: The implementation of a soft touch coating means it’s extra-easy to get a grip on. That is kinda essential when you’re yanking out and propping up a 13.3-inch screened tablet. I’m still hoping to have more extended testing time with the Split soon – and I’ll share some results when I do.


slatebook x2  -1.jpgThe SlateBook x2

Remember how we started more formally rolling out our Google offerings earlier this year? First was the Chromebook. Next, the Slate7 delivered a premium look-and-feel Android tablet at a ridiculously low price (I’ve gotten several shocked looks of, “Really? Only $169!?!?!” whenever I told people how much it costs). Today’s announcement of the SlateBook x2 boasts Nvidia Tegra 4 power and, of course, that unique x2 flexibility. In fact, this SlateBook is the first hybrid tablet to offer a Tegra 4.


The SlateBook x2 is a little smaller than the ENVY x2 model (it has a 10-inch screen) but that also means you can even more easily fit this into your life as you travel. That’s saying nothing of the Google Play store with quick access to TONS of apps (and games!!!!). With this offering, HP shows off its expanding Android portfolio. So, if you’ve already invested in Google’s Play store, I think you’re really going to dig what the Slatebook x2 offers.


In fact, I was able to get a little more extended playtime with this guy and I have a separate story on our newest member of the Android family (and smallest x2 around). You can read about my initial thoughts on the SlateBook x2 RIGHT HERE!



  • The HP SlateBook x2 is expected to be available in the U.S.  in August 2013 with a starting price of $479.99
  • The HP Split x2 is expected to be available in the U.S. in August 2013 with a starting price of $799.99


All right, that’s a quick peek at things to come. If you have specific questions about either of these new x2 models (or, the ENVY x2 that started it all) hit the comments!

by Hooksie
on ‎05-15-2013 08:38 AM

OK, here's what I don't get; the Envy X2 was great but for me the Atom processor was a no-go.  I also want a 1080p screen for my movies.  I understand that a 1080p screen doesn't work with an Atom processor but then you release this with a core i3 or i5 but STILL only a 1366x768 screen.  What is the rationale behind hobbling this almost perfect device with a lower resolution screen than my phone has!?  And then you put a 1920x1260 screen in a SMALLER Android device??  What are you thinking?!??!


I would so buy this Split x2 in a heartbeat if it had a 1080p screen but with the lower res, I'm out.  Any plans for a FULL HD version, maybe when Haswell comes out?

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎05-15-2013 11:09 AM

Hey Hooksie: 


First, thanks for the question / comment / sharing how ya feel. Definitely appreciate where you're coming from. Any answer that I give you right now would be pure speculation, but do try to hang tight. If I can get an answer for you, I'll share it right here and update the story.



by kvoram
on ‎05-15-2013 02:41 PM

Oh well, there is no advantage of a 13-inch screen on the Split X2 if you use the low resolution of 1366x768 that I can get with ANY other 10-12-inch Windows tablet. These smaller Windows tablets often already offer higher resolutions like 1920x1080.

The main advantage of bigger screens is being able to use higher resolutions comfortably. That hasn't happened here.


In addition, a Digitizer Pen (preferably Wacom) would have made the Split X2 a lot more interesting and together with the screen size also quite unique in the current market.


The keyboard could use bigger arrow keys,  these tiny half-sized keys are a pain to use!


One more thing: a display with 16:9 aspect ratio is only good for showing videos in Landscape Orientation. If one wants to get productive,a 16:9 tablet gets ridiculously narrow in Portrait Orientation. The loss of vertical resolution in Notebook mode is also unfortunate. Please bring back 16:10 screens, or 4:3 or start using 3:2 screens!


by dtpodnar
on ‎05-16-2013 01:36 PM

SlateBook x2 looks like it can be a great tablet. I do have a few questions.

(1) What is the weight and thickness of the tablet itself when not on the keyboard base?

(2) What is the complement of hardware features, i.e. accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, etc?

(3) Can it be charged / run from USB port power on the tablet itself, without being connected to the keyboard?

(4) What kind of of glass, i.e. Gorilla Glass 2, Gorilla Flass 3, etc.?

(4) What are the 802.11 and Bluetooth features and versions?


by GizmoGladstone
on ‎05-17-2013 08:12 AM

@dtpodnar: I got a couple of the answers for you...and I'm working on getting you info on the rest.


Accelerometer, gyro, compass


The same charger that powers it up through the base, can also power the tablet portion separately.


Weight: 1.35kg / 2.98 lbs (Slate: 654g / 1.44 lbs)

Z-Height: 20.3mm (slate: 9.9mm)

by dtpodnar
on ‎05-17-2013 10:46 AM

Thanks. You've got my attention. I'll continue watching this space.


Wait, No GPS in this unit? That would be potentially bad news, the first I've heard so far.

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎05-17-2013 11:23 AM

I'm only filling in the blanks that I have answers for right now. Anything else on my part would be speculation. please stay tuned and I'll answer what questions I can. 



by dtpodnar
on ‎05-17-2013 01:13 PM

Ok. I appreciate that and will be watching for your reply. The other question is, does it have support for Miracast? I have a unique set of coporate and home needs / wants. Or maybe not so unique; just that no one has hit them before. Go HP.

by andrewmaizels
on ‎05-18-2013 11:01 PM

The SlateBook is certainly one of the more interesting Android devices announced this year, and I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl.  My Nexus 7 is my constant companion, but the moment you need to enter more than two words of text it becomes a nightmare. There are other devices with keyboards, but they suffer from high prices and dated hardware.  The SlateBook looks to be right on target in both respects.


Get a 1920x1200 IPS screen in the Split and I'll buy one of those as well.

by ICon66
on ‎05-25-2013 05:01 AM

I've really enjoyed my Envy x2.  The only thing that is missing is being able to play more advanced games.  Any thoughts on whether the Split will be able to take on a litte more demanding games?  It doesn't have to be top of the line games; maybe something like Borderlands II or Diablo III.  


I am fairly certain I will buy the SlateBook.  Looking forward to hearing more on this closer to launch time.


August cannot get here soon enough.


If only there was a way to dual book Windows 8 and Android.

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎05-28-2013 08:09 AM

@ICon66: I HEAR YOU! Got as much juice as I could out of the ENVY x2 and I'm able to play some games, but the latest news with the Split x2 means I can sneak in some more stuff. While we haven't officially announced the chips in the Split, "It rocks Intel’s next generation CPU" says to me that I should be able to get a little  more gaming juice out of it.


I'm willing to bet that D3 should be able run on it....but....DISCLAIMER (of course, I haven't been able to spend any quality time with it myself yet....sooooooooo.....I'd say that there's a good chance I'll follow up trying to find out answers to that exact question as soon as I get my hands on one.) Smiley Wink



by manjak
on ‎05-29-2013 05:16 AM

Hello, what battery capacity will slatebook have? Some sources say that tablet itself will only last for four hours, or even ONE hour. Please GizmoGladstone, is there any info about batteries?

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎05-29-2013 02:27 PM

@manjak: what I can tell you right now is that there are two batteries. One in the tablet, one in the base. as for your sources saying what the battery life is? They are way premature. The proto unit that I was playing with is far from final but it's DEFINITELY longer than an hour! ;p


Anything beyond that, I'd be giving you half the story. Without final drivers nobody is going to be able to give you accurrate battery life (or performance) scores. So I'm not sharing any of that yet. BTW, have you read this story yet with my initial thoughts on the SlateBook x2?

by danielmalvarado
on ‎06-12-2013 10:05 PM

The Atom processor has been out for 5 years now, so I really thought it'd be further along in its development.  I enjoy my X2, but the processor is so sluggish even YouTube and Flash games run slowly.  Is there any talk of a successor with perhaps Haswell technology that still retains what's great about the X2?  (Battery life, fanless operation, etc)

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎06-13-2013 10:43 AM

Well, you definitely want to keep an eye out for the Split x2 at the very least. That's coming out in August and runs haswell....(but you probably already read about that in the story above.... ;p)

by Tootallwill
on ‎06-21-2013 09:57 AM


What I really like about my Elitebook 2540P is the built in 3g.

Does the Split X2 have this built into the tablet half? As an option maybe?




by GizmoGladstone
‎06-21-2013 10:17 AM - edited ‎06-21-2013 10:17 AM

I'm asking about WWAN for you, Will, but in the meantime, I'm personally a bigger fan of just using a mobile hotspot (or just buying a phone with that tethering functionality). That way, you've got mobile access that you can provide to multiple devices, instead of just attached to one. But that's me. ANYhow, if I get an answer for you on 3G, I'll update the story.





by jmilholland
on ‎06-21-2013 01:34 PM

Here's the deal for me i need a side by side comparison of the Envy x2 and the Split x2.  I don't use if for gaming or movies I want to use it for work while on the road.  I need Excel, Word, Outlook Exchange, etc capability along with hooking up to the web for other links.  Looking or good horsepower, hard drive and an acceptable screen resolution with some ports to boot. 



by GizmoGladstone
on ‎06-21-2013 01:37 PM

In that case you're already in luck. I use the ENVY x2 almost exclusively when I travel....and I have Office 2013 on it. the Split is obviously going to be able to handle that and more.


I haven't had a Split x2 to play with (YET!!! ;p) but when I do, I'll be sure to report back with stuff like that. I mean, I want to know that as well....





by bj9
on ‎06-21-2013 07:29 PM

The ENVY x2 is advertised as coming in up to 128GB ( -- and at one time you could order it, but now it's only available in 64GB.  With Windows 8 taking up 1/2 of that space, I want to wait for the 128GB version, but no one seems to know if is 1) actually going to come out with 128GB or 2) when it'll be available.   What's going on?  Thanks.

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