Summer Tips to Save Your Laptop's Battery

Summer is officially in full swing. School’s out, pools are open, and laptops are being dragged out of their usual environs to browse the web from the beach, watch movies on airplanes, manage playlists for backyard cookouts, and answer a few quick work emails from hotel balconies.


Free-ranging laptops often fall into a sort of computer version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, dominated by wi-fi and power. If you’ve ever used a laptop far from any available wall outlet, you know the importance of battery life! But did you know that where and how you use your laptop can have a significant impact on how the battery will hold up?



"Hot" Tips for Cooler Batteries 

Here are a few factors you should consider to help get the most out of your laptop’s battery:


Operating Temperatures

Believe it or not, the ambient temperature has a huge impact on your laptop’s battery life. Laptop batteries tend to operate best at room temperature, and anything too far above or below can cut into battery life. In other words, don’t take your laptop to the beach expecting eight hours of browsing bliss.


If you want to stretch a bit more longevity out of your battery, get your laptop out of direct sunlight and set up in a shady spot (we suggest a hammock suspended between two palm trees!), and pay special attention to airflow.


For example, using your laptop on your lap, or on towels or blankets, can trap heat and obstruct cooling vents. A great way to take some of the strain off your laptop’s battery is to use a travel lapdesk designed to keep air circulating to the bottom of the machine. As a side benefit, lapdesks will also keep the laptop from sticking to your legs!


Clean Power

Another way to make sure you’re getting the most from your laptop’s battery? If your laptop has a removable battery, be sure to clean the metal contacts. This will ensure a smoother, more efficient transfer of power.


Use it or Lose it

You can also ensure your battery is in the best shape possible to handle extended periods away from electricity by unplugging it from the wall on a regular basis. Avoid leaving it constantly charged, as this actually places more stress on the battery and ultimately degrades performance. Instead, you want to get those electrons inside the battery moving by draining your laptop’s battery to around 40-60 percent once a week or so. Think of it as your laptop’s equivalent of grabbing a quick workout instead of sitting at the desk all day.


Managing Expectations

Adjusting your laptop’s power management settings can also have a big impact on how quickly or slowly you run down the battery. In Windows, you can make tweaks by heading to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound>Power Options.



Source: PC World


Windows 8.1 also lets you set up different “power plans” based on whether your laptop is plugged in or running on battery power. You can optimize battery life by setting the screen brightness somewhat dimmer and reducing the time before the laptop turns off the display and puts itself into sleep mode.


If you want even more control, you can dig into the advanced settings, which give you power-saving options for almost every aspect of your laptop -- from the processor and hard disks to USB devices to how the machine behaves when you open and close the lid.


Now it's your turn: What other tips have you picked up for getting the most out of your laptop’s battery? Let us know!

by Laptopbattery1
on ‎11-26-2017 10:43 PM

It's better to keep your latop in cool area during the summer time as it omits heat and outside there is heat so it gets warmer and there are chances that it might burst specially the battey. So here are few tips to save your battety and keep it cool in summer. Laptop Battery

by sofie123
April - last edited April

The issue in the days of summer & ainy days in the battery just make me annoying. Thank you for the tip that helped me to get my battery trouble free.for Alienwarebattery issue connect on Alienware Support.

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