Streaming Wins Big at the Golden Globes

You may have tuned into this past weekend’s Golden Globes to see the latest red carpet fashions and to track which of your favorite actors and directors would take home the prize. But the highly popular awards show also highlighted another trend –the way we are consuming entertainment content is shifting. We have seen the big broadcast networks eclipsed by breakout cable shows in the past. But this year, streaming hit the mainstream and took a seat at the adult table.


Amazon and Netflix-produced shows like Transparent  and House of Cards were big winners (Jeffrey Tambor and Kevin Spacey for Best Actor in a Comedy and Drama, respectively). Cult hit Community will transition from network to Yahoo. And ESPN and HBO are breaking free from costly cable packages with streaming-only offerings.


As anyone who has watched an entire day disappear binging on a new show, it is a great – and quite addicting – way to watch. The future of home-viewing entertainment is here … right now.

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