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Every family or circle of friends has one: The go-to tech genius. Tag, you’re it. The family tech genius is always on call, even on Labor Day weekend to solve every single family fiasco. It goes something like this: "Did you turn the computer on?" or simply walk Mom or Dad through a maze of commands that seem like ancient code to everyone else. Confuse the folks. Calm yourself down. Start all over again.


OK, forget about the family for a second. How about YOU? Let’s say you’re troubleshooting a problem that run across lots of different brands – the graphics card from Company A just refuses to work with your PC? Forums come up with zilch and when you try asking someone at the company, they pass the buck to the other company. No wonder people call you for help. They don’t know where to start. Many tips suggest the “teach a man to fish” approach. But even then, some people are so fearful about anything tech-related, they may just starve.


So if you are tired of your weekends turning into marathon tech support calls for friends and family, HP’sSmartFriendServices ease the burden. More important: If you give a SmartFriend subscription service as a gift to tech-challenged loved ones, you’ll most likely get your life back.


It’s an important first step, but it is possible to let go of those help desk reigns. With HP SmartFriend Services, you can get 24/7 personalized hardware and software diagnoses, assistance, and resolutions that they can use and understand with one phone call. They can either learn how to fix their problems themselves, or let HP SmartFriend Services do it for them.


Those questions come fast and furious sometimes. “How can I get on Skype to visit with the granddaughter?”; “How can I get up and running with Windows 8?”; “How can I use my laptop to upload a mobile video to YouTube?” or “It’s late and my wireless printer won’t work… and the kids need to print out their homework!”

For a low monthly subscription, tech users have 24/7 HP SmartFriend Services access to experts who can help with any type of PC (not just HP), laptop, tablet and more.


Hang on a second. Let me back up here and make sure you didn’t miss that. OUR CRACK TEAM GOT YOU COVERED – EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN HP PRODUCT.


If your buddies and relatives have a lot of different tech brands and operating systems in a household and would like one place to go to get service or enhance performance, this is a potential life-saver (not to mention headache saver). HP SmartFriend Services is a support resource you can easily and confidently point others to, anytime day or night. HP SmartFriend Services offer experts who have all the answers to get users back up and running. And if they can’t guide the user to a solution, they can take control of a PC and fix it for your Uncle Gary. You can point panicked friends and family to people who are knowledgeable, certified and infinitely patient. Or, at least more patient than I am.


Get your life back. Hook them up.


Slick marketing video to learn more: ENGAGE.





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