“Smart” Style Has a Whole New Meaning

Fall has arrived and for many people, that marks the arrival of New York Fashion Week. This means white tents popping up in Bryant Park, models hailing cabs, and sewing machines humming in overdrive.


Similar to technology companies, fashion houses are constantly evolving in order to stay at the helm of the industry and create products consumers love. Dominating the catwalk requires a high level of innovation and execution that aligns with the fast-paced world of technology. When paired together, fashion and technology boldly address the core argument of design: form vs. function.


Here are four trends that showcase the harmony between style and innovation:



Blended Reality

From 3D printing complete ready-to-wear garments to using the HP Sprout to design a new pattern for a collection, the trend of blended reality has taken the fashion industry by storm. This past July, world-renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld showcased 3D printed Chanel clothing at Paris Fashion Week. And we’re very excited to see how this emerging trend is used on this year’s runways.


Mobile Fashion Discovery


For those of us that don’t shop off the runway, it’s really common to spot a must-have piece of clothing on a stranger riding the subway or while perusing Instagram. Given this reality, mobile apps such as Crave and Spring have emerged and now make it easier than ever for fashion lovers to digitally get their style fix. Crave allows users to snap photos or screenshot of items and then identifies where they can be purchased, while Spring connects users to the brands they love, where they can shop new arrivals and regularly posts exclusive sales or items.



Wearable technology is probably the most widely known example of how fashion and technology companies are collaborating to develop beautiful and functional accessories that help consumers live smarter, more connected, and often healthier lifestyles.

Major fashion player Tory Burch recently joined forces with FitBit to design attractive bracelets and necklaces that help you track your fitness goals. Fashionable smartwatches and wristbands, such as HP’s MB Chronowing and Opening Ceremony’s collaboration with Intel, have also become highly-coveted items on wish lists for techies and fashionistas alike.


Smart Fabric


Imagine if you could have a piece of clothing that adjusts to your body temperature or becomes reflective when the sun suddenly sets during your evening run. Uniqlo, a retailer rooted in Japan, has brought that high-technology material to life. Their HEATTECH line features smart fabric that absorbs moisture from your body to generate warmth.


Other brands such as Levi’s and Ralph Lauren have also announced fabric collaborations that utilize textiles woven with microfibers to enable “digital sensing capabilities” that are synced with your smartphone.


As consumers embrace both their connected lifestyles and modern trends, the partnership between the fashion and tech industry is bound to get even stronger. What high-fashion and tech collaborations do you think we’ll see at this year’s New York Fashion Week? Let us know in the comments.

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