Smart Home Improvement: Back Up Your Data!

You may think smart homes are a thing of tomorrow, but you can make your house a smart home today with these do-it-yourself tips from Darren Gladstone and Josh Schoonmaker. Our regular video series will walk you through simple steps to make your digital life a little easier. And the blog here provides the extra tools you need to help you get the job done.


The backbone of every smart home is the home server. It controls everything, sure, but it’s also where you stash all the good stuff – movies, music, photos. That’s why today’s episode is about backing up your data – HP SmartHome style. 



There are plenty of options for backing up your data, which we mention in the video. Hit the links within these bullets to see how they can help you:


But since I’m practically living in the HP SmartHome, I want to show you how we do back-ups there using a home server. 


First, let’s answer the question, “Why do you want to use a home server to do your back-ups?” (Besides, of course, the obvious reason of looking cool in front of your friends and trying to impress the ladies. You know, when they casually ask, “How are your back-ups lately?”)  Here are a few advantages to server back-ups:


  1. The back-up is not physically on the computer, so if the computer ever fails or is damaged the back-up is not lost with it
  2. Automatic back-up will back-up each night without you having to push a button – it will even wake up your computer from sleep or hibernation to back it up.
  3. Can back up all computers in your house
  4. Has plenty of space  - unlike the online back-up solutions – and is expandable
  5. Faster than online back-ups


For those of you who want the step-by-step process for setting up a home server back-up, here you are:


1. Computers to back-up

  • Log into your Home Server Console
  • Select “Computers & Back-Up”
  • You will see a list of computers and their back-up status (note: computers are defaulted to be backed up by the server.  You need only confirm that it is marked for back-up.  If you would like the server to NOT back-up the computer, select “Remove the Computer”

2. Schedule the back-up

  • Now select the “Settings” button on the right hand side of the console
  • Choose “Backup” from the options on the left menu
  • Under “Backup Time” you can select the time of day for the server to do back-ups

3. Choose how many back-ups to hang on to

  • Under “Automatic Backup Management” you can select how many daily, weekly, and monthly back-ups you will like to keep.

It’s as simple as that.  Now all of your computers can be backed up each day without you even having to worry about it. 


Seen in this episode:


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