Slate21: Android Lands on One Awesome All-in-One

Let’s say you’ve already got an Android phone…or a tablet (like, say, the Slate7). You’ve already bought into the Google Play store. Well, I’ve got some good news for you: It’s time to take those apps to the big screen – a beautiful 21.5-inch IPS touchscreen, to be precise. The Slate21 is an All-in-One desktop that opens up a ton of cool opportunities you could set up just about anywhere in your home.


How? I’m glad you asked.


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You’re basically getting the power and functionality of a high-powered Android device (fueled by Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor running on Jellybean 4.2.2). That means no-compromises access to Android apps blown up across 21.5 inches.


You want to stream Netflix and Hulu Plus? Of course you do. Want to play the myriad Android games out there? You can. How’s about running the ESPN app to get the latest scores? You get the idea. In fact, any app that’s built for an Android tablet looks great on the 1920 by 1080 pixel display.  

Now, before I get a chance to sit down and properly play with a Slate21 for myself, I had a quick chat with HP’s Eric Wiggins to learn more and press him with a couple questions of my own.


TheNextBench: So…we’ve been in the All-in-One market for a while with Windows. Why an Android model?

Eric Wiggins: Honestly, that larger screen allows for a better shared experience. This could replace one or two mobile devices in your home that could be used as a shared device for the house. Creating a large-screened device with touch functionality, we thought we could unlock more uses.


TNB: And you have. I’ve always been a big fan of the notion of a shared experience across connected devices – and this is certainly something that HP’s been looking at doing for some time now.

EW: We definitely see this as the next big thing. The vision of the future we see is that you’re accessing your data and we want to give you a choice. This is just the next step in connected screens.


TNB: It’s more than sharing a connected experience. I also understand that the Slate21 allows multiple users to have shared accounts on the AiO at the same time, right? Does this mean that an entire family can have their own Google accounts and log on separately?

EW: Yes, you can have up to 5 user profiles for everyone to have their own unique Android experience.  For example, you can set up separate profile for you kids with all their apps and documents so they don’t have access to your apps and files.



TNB: Can you give me an example of things that HP’s added to make this work better with Android?

EW: Mobile form-factors such as tablets and phones aren’t exactly optimized for desktop productivity, so we leveraged KingSoft office software [The same software that comes on the SlateBook x2 – and works fantastically] as well as additional languages for the physical keyboard. We’ve also incorporated USB drivers to recognize a keyboard so you can enjoy true desktop productivity. 


TNB: Incorporate multiple keyboard language support? Does this mean you see this device as something for emerging markets as well?

EW: Well, that’s certainly an option. Considering the price and the features, it’s a pretty compelling package.


Slate 21 down.jpgTNB: Something else that gets me thinking here is that this is actually incredibly affordable for what’s going on– under 400 bucks.

EW: When you hit that sub-$400 price point  it becomes very attractive as an entry-level market device. Competing devices use slower dual-core CPUs – and they cost more. We’ve been pretty aggressive and designed this to stand out in your house without sacrificing performance and style.


TNB: Let’s talk a little bit about that design. It’s made to take advantage of multimedia…and be able to get set up at all sorts of angles, right?

EW: Right. Besides mounting it on a wall with a standard VESA mount, the memory hinge allows you to adjust between 15 and 70 degrees just by using your hand. When you’re playing games, for example, imagine that you’re playing something like Angry Birds on a giant screen. As for multimedia, yes, it’s loaded up nicely with DTS sound, Wi-Fi Direct and BT 3.0.


TNB: So do you see this as a home desktop? A cloud-connected device?

EW: Both. The Slate21 is optimized around cloud content and streaming, but there is still 8GB of memory on the device, itself.


TNB: Considering all the games and apps I come by those 8GB can get filled up pretty quick….

EW: That’s why we have an SD card slot on board as well as support for external HDD or SSD storage over USB 2.0 devices (there are 3 USB 2.0 ports on the Slate21.)


TNB: I have a bunch of Windows devices already, how do I connect into that ecosystem with the Slate21?

EW: We pre-install Splashtop2 HD software that allows you to work with any Windows PC on your home network.


TNB: Something else that I’m always wondering about with Android devices is support for upgrade paths. Will the Slate21be able to fully update over time?

EW: We are going to embrace an upgrade path. We are working with Google and NVIDIA on the release schedule of the next versions of Android.


TNB: OK, last question (for now) – where’s mine?

EW: I’ll have to get back to you on that, but we’ll have units shipping in September for $399. What are your questions?


Want to learn more? I expect to have more hands-on time with the Slate21 soon so hang tight!


 To learn more....or buy....a Slate 21 Click HERE.

by jennelyn1314
on ‎06-24-2013 08:39 AM

ang ganda naman nito sana makabili ako nito balang araw...



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