Real Steel's Exclusive TouchPad Game Experience

Don't know about you, but I'm dying to play a futuristic version of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em robots meets Punch-Out. Turns out all you'll need is a TouchPad and a nearby computer set to the World Robot Boxing League page. For the upcoming film, Real Steel, an exclusive promotional app is on the way that lets you use the TouchPad to control the on-screen action of a cybernetic slap-fight happening on your PC.


Let me try and break this down for you. Remember that classic Nintendo game, "Punch-Out," that has you ducking and weaving to take down guys like Bald Bull and Piston Hurricane? 42 Entertainment President, Justin Pertschuk, says that's the vibe that they were going for when they designed this single-player game based on the upcoming robotic boxing movie.


The Unity Engine powering this lets you play a pretty solid experience inside your Web browser, but here's where it gets cool: You're picking the punches, ducking and dodging with the TouchPad to play the game happening on your PC. As you're doing the fighting, the tablet's display also gives you instant feedback on how the fight’s going, tracking fight stats....


You know, let's skip the tale of the tape and get to it!


Look for the button that says "Connect to your TouchPad" on the site and through the local WiFi connection, you're in business. The TouchPad becomes the controller. Here's how the screen of your tablet looks:





Here's what it looks like in the real world when you're actually playing it.


wrb demo.jpg


....and here's  some live video of people playing it during the show:



As you can see from the clip / screenshot, it looks pretty good. Justin tells me that if you go to the WRB Web site right now, you can only hit the gym and train your robot. But come next week, you can pick one of four of the robots in the movie and play in a career mode where you can earn money to upgrade parts. An expansion is in the works to provide another four roboxers. While there is no multiplayer component, there will be a score leaderboard set up. And how much will this cost you? Nothing! The game is totally free.


It's kinda hard to beat "Free," but I have been saving up another good bit of info: If you're going to be at San Diego Comic Con this week, you'll get to play it for yourself. In fact, we're going to be set up in a truck near the convention center letting players take a swing at winning HP TouchPads during the show. (And for those that can’t make it to the ‘con this year, the TouchPad app should be available for download in the app store soon.)


Even Hugh Jackman wanted a peice of the action when he was at the Real Steel truck, helping promote the movie.



....So? You think you got what it takes? I'm going to be there hanging with my fellow nerds around the show so at the very least look for us hauling around Robots – and TouchPads!

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by khazoury
on ‎09-16-2011 10:21 PM

So, where's the app?  I want to play it on my nice new shiny Touchpad!!!!!!

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