Photoblog: HP Sees the Stars at Sundance

Every year around this time, the film industry descends on Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. New indie films are showcased, celebrities are everywhere….and HP is on-hand to show off some of its newest gear – like the HP ENVY 14 Spectre. Want to see what Elijah Wood, William H. Macy and others are checking out?


HP has two installations at Sundance this year. Sundance House is open to the public, rocking Beats audio demos on our Beats Special Edition notebooks. There, you can sit down and feel the music – through the chairs. You can also experience Puss in Boots in 3D on our HP ENVY 17 3D PCs.


HP is also at the Entertainment Weekly Photo Studio, just across the street from Sundance House. The EW is photographing and interviewing actors, producers and directors in a chic lounge environment. HP is showcasing the celebrity photos taken in the studio on two walls of TouchSmart PCs, which has been a surprising source of inspiration for the talent before they head up for their photo session. Some people have gotten really creative – one actor even hung upside down for his shot!


Our new HP ENVY Spectre is also making its first public appearance after its CES unveiling. Its stunning glass design caught the eye of Sundance celebs, many of whom are tech and audio enthusiasts. Let’s play a little game: Can you name all of them in the comments?




This recent Golden Globe winner asked for a little “Help” in the ENVY Spectre lounge here at the Entertainment Weekly Sundance Photo Studio.   





He plays the ukulele, he is married to  a Desperate Housewife and he narrates Curious George on TV. We also learned as he checked out our newest products, he is an HP fan and a really big audio buff.




This star was sizing up the slim Spectre with a keen eye (of Sauron?). You’d think he was a tech reviewer the way he was circling and scrutinizing the sexy ultrabook.




My favorite X-Men actor (and did you know he was on Ally McBeal?) spent some time with the HP ENVY Spectre and HP’s Michelle Price.


ron livingston.jpg


PS: Fun fact about Ron Livingston: (Ok , we gave you a big hint for one of the names!) You might recognize his voice from some of our HP commercials! He was checking out Spectre while his wife was getting her close up.  (Darren will always recognize him from his roles in Office Space, Swingers....and Band of Brothers).

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