Pavilion 23tm: Giving every PC a touchscreen

pavilion 23tm.jpgIf you have a tower desktop – like I do – you’re always eyeballing those sleek all-in-one PCs, jealous of the fact they get to use Windows 8 on a giant, gorgeous touchscreen. Well, now is OUR time. The HPPavilion 23tm is a crisp 23-inch easel touch screen display. You can recline it back further than your dad’s barca-lounger (70 degrees ). You can VESA mount it on a swing arm and go crazy (the Pavilion 23tm, not your dad’s chair). Essentially, you’re getting a much more natural experience where the whole touch screen comes down to your hands. I don’t care whether you’re playing games, finger painting…or flipping through the news, this makes a big difference with longer-term use. The one thing you won’t have to do – sacrifice the horsepower of whatever desktop tower you choose to rock.


Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love stuff like the ENVY 23 TouchSmart (or the new Recline line)– that sexy little machine manages to jam a LOT of features and power into a rather slim design. But that slim design means it’s a closed case. If you’re like me, you just crave the power available in, say, a gaming grade ENVY Phoenix (that I can upgrade with the latest graphics cards as they arrive).


Considering how the design of Windows 8 – and that Live-tiled Start Screen – scream “touch me!” you just want NEED a touchscreen!


Fortunately, I was able to lay hands upon a unit to see how it’d work. Cue the video. 



You’re getting a 5-point optical touch screen that’s going to sell for $349, starting October 6th. That is a crazy-good price for a screen this good looking that you’re encouraged to reach out and touch. It’s got a native resolution of 1920 by 1080, a 178-degree viewing angle and two front-firing speakers parked below the screen. That’s all well and good, but how does it work? I fired up some test movies and games – because that’s the sort of sacrifice I’m willing to make for you people in the name of work.


You get good, crisp color reproduction on this screen. The color palate is obviously tweakable, but it comes off a little cool. Make a couple adjustments out of the box and you’re going to be really happy with the performance you get both in-game and with video. I watched live and streamed video through the 23tm and it is a solid performer for the price. Games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown looked and worked really well.


I should point out that there is a little extra plugging in that needs to happen, first. Plug that HDMI cable into your computer (there’s also a DVI port). Make sure you have a free USB port to plug the monitor in so you can do touch-control. And, If you want to take advantage of the built-in speakers, either pipe the audio through HDMI or the provided audio cable from your computer’s audio-out jack.


A quick side-note while we’re on the topic of audio. These speakers are good options for casual use and they are a nice bonus. That said, they are not Beats-grade speakers. I happen to have the ENVY 27 Beats Audio display and this guy sitting side by side. The Pavilion 23tm has a big leg-up with touch, that model is about delivering awesome audio. Just something to consider.


Now, one thing I haven’t really touched upon yet (get it!?!?) is that while this is meant as a certified Windows 8 device, it still will work with Windows 7 for all you legacy kids out there. Windows 7 only supports two points of touch. Just something to keep in mind if you plan to use this with an older machine rocking an older OS.

Another thing to consider – this screen is an optical touch screen, not capacitive. So, this screen can work with a basic eraserheaded stylus (or, technically, even a paintbrush). But this is not capacitive touch….and not a digitizer.

If there was anything that I’d put on my wish list for an upgraded version of this, it’d be a separate volume control so I can jump straight to cranking the dial to 11….and upping the audio. But obviously, those sorts of features will run you more.


Well, that’s my take on the Pavilion 23tm. That answer your questions? You got more for me? I’m here for you!


 To learn more....or buy....a Pavilion 23tm Click HERE.


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by reigi
on ‎12-14-2013 02:24 AM

I'm looking for a Vesa-Mount like yours in the Video. Which brand oder kind you're using?

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎12-15-2013 10:25 AM

Actually, that was no VESA mount - that's the stand that it comes with. Also, not shown in the video, you can push the screen back down 70 degrees. It's pretty sweet.



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