Pavilion 23 vs. ENVY 23: What’s the Difference?

The ENVY 23 TouchSmart: A slick, flush-glassed all-in-one touchscreen PC. The Pavilion 23 TouchSmart: the newly announced, updated all-in-one touchscreen PC. Both offer Windows 8, good looks and, of course, touch control – but what’s the big difference between the two? I asked around during the latest press tour to get you a clear answer.


pavilion touchsmart 23 - envy 23.jpg

The biggest difference between the two is how they work. Sure, you’re not changing the way you’re touching the screen, but how your hands get detected is significantly different. On the ENVY 23, there is a transparent grid placed directly on the display glass – that is invisible to you when you’re using it. That, in essence is capacitive touch. In the case of the ENVY, it recognizes 10 points of touch.


The Pavilion 23, by comparison, uses optical recognition to work. It has six cameras located around the bezel, aimed at the screen. That tracks object movement…and how it sees your hand. It’ll recognize up to five fingers on-screen at any given time. And this is actually a step up to the technology we originally used in older TouchSmart computers (those had two-camera, one-point-of-touch input recognition). In fact, the optical method allows you to do a couple interesting things with your computer. Like use a real paint brush to paint a picture. (Or in my case, a toothbrush. Seriously.)



As far as other major differences between the two machines here’s the deal in short-form:


The ENVY 23 TouchSmart (currently starting at $1,040)

  • Edge-to-Edge flush glass display
  • “FreeStand” design
  • Metal finished base and accents
  • Beats Audio
  • HDMI-input for outside sources (like a game console)
  • OPTIONAL discrete graphics


The Pavilion 23 TouchSmart (starting at $749, available June 5th)

  • Easel stand adjustable between 10 and 25 degrees
  • Outer bezel designed for camera placement
  • Designated swipe area for optimized Windows 8 experience

I plan to come back at you with more tests and thoughts on using the Pavilion 23 TouchSmart, but for now, hit me with any questions you might have. In the meantime, let us know which TouchSmart is perfect for you – and why.

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