New Trends Transform Businesses to Attract New Talent

The Huffington Post recently published a great article on how new trends are transforming the way companies operate and attract talent. Written by Extreme Networks CMO Vala Afshar and author Jacob Morgan, the article explores how technology, increased mobility, new behaviors, and globalization have flipped the old top-down structure of organizations on their head.




Many of these trends are being driven by a growing workforce of young digital natives who have the skill and innovative drive many companies want, and they know it. These millennials live and breathe these new trends, and companies are making interesting changes to attract and retain them.


Of course, HP is no exception. Innovation is in our DNA, and HP has continually been impressed and inspired not only with how quickly millennials adopt new technology, but the creative and unforeseen ways that they use it. Professionals can learn a lot from this generation that seems to have an instant grasp on the ever-evolving technologies today. That is why we are intentionally recruiting them.


How has your workplace changed to adapt to these new trends, or if they have not – do you think they will need to in order to stay relevant?



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