Mission Solved: An HP Support Success Story


The HP Support Forums have been a hotbed of community activity since they started in 2008. Today, our volunteer and employee Experts have helped solve countless issues on the Forums, responding to customers when they reach out for support. In fact, the most helpful solutions are viewed 1,500 times on average, benefiting others in the community long after a customer has asked the original question.


Marty is one of those customers. Not that long ago, he was having problems with his HP computer freezing up, giving him a message that said “Launch Start-up Repair (recommended),” and then went to a blue screen. We all know that can be a scary scenario, especially if you’re thinking your data might be lost!


Marty restarted his computer and was able to run a diagnostics scan on it, which failed. “That was upsetting enough, but anyone who uses computers knows this is just part of it,” he recalls. So, he did what most of us would likely do while on the go – he did a quick search on his smartphone to get help from HP support.


“All I put into the search was HP, and at the top of the search was this link which identified itself as ‘Customer Service for HP’, which, in actuality, it is not,” he explains. “Thinking that this was HP outsourcing their service, I called the number. The person I spoke to said that my extended warranty did not cover this and that I would have to pay for a service call and should buy more coverage so that this doesn't happen again.”


The wrong kind of support

Thinking that this was a legitimate service from those of us at HP support, Marty ordered the repair and extra coverage. He later found out he’d been directed to a company claiming be HP, but that wasn’t. By the end of the call, he was understandably upset – but at the wrong company.


“The call left me so angry that I posted on (the HP Support) board that I would never buy another HP computer, which brought unbelievable help from HP,” he recalls. “I was able to speak with a HP case manager who told me two things: one, my extended warranty did cover all my cost, and two, that this third-party company had been misrepresenting themselves as HP.”


Third-party support – that isn’t

Marty’s repairs were now on the way to being fixed, but his experience is unfortunately not an isolated incident. Others have had trouble in similar situations, thinking they were getting free – or under warranty – support from vendors like HP and others.


Instead, they discover that they’re actually talking to a third-party – which then tries to sell “annual subscriptions,” or tells them their computers have problems that don’t exist, or withdraws money from their accounts for “ongoing service.” And that was one of Marty’s biggest concerns.


“After talking with HP, I called my bank to make sure that this company could not take any money out of my account, and then I called them to cancel,” he explains. “They tried to get me to put the coverage on another computer, and offered to extend it six more months. When I told them that I did not need their service and would not do business with them, they tried to say that I would still have to pay $99 for the service call, which I had not yet received, and for the work order.”



Happy endings…and new insights

HP Expert CherylG responded just 20 minutes later to Marty’s post on the Forums, thanking him for posting positive feedback about the help he got on the Forum and from HP Support to get the problem resolved.


“Sorry that you almost got scammed,” she wrote in her Forum message. “When I read your previous post about the things you were told, I was not aware it was a third-party company...


But I knew the diagnosis given you was inaccurate and was dismayed at the thought of "official" HP Support telling you that. Relieved it was not! Keep in mind – someone is always online here and willing to help, so bookmark the forum.”




In the end, Marty got the support he needed – and a new awareness about the value of just knowing there’s someone out there who’s got your back when it comes to tech support. And we found out how else we can better help our customers by just being there.


“If it wasn't for people like you, I would have been scammed,” he said in his Forum reply to Cheryl. “I cannot tell you how happy this makes me feel, as the road of life can get bumpy and this just smoothed out one of those bumps. My full thanks to HP – I can't see myself buying anything but HP in the future. Thank you again!”

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