Meg Whitman Joins in on the Selfie Fun

Of the big technology-driven trends of 2014, one of the most widely adopted has got to be taking selfies. Forward facing cameras are now a staple on phones and tablets, making the act of taking a picture of yourself quick and easy. It’s also a more personal and fun way to let friends and peers know where you are and what cool activities you are doing. Of course, having celebrities take part definitely helped push the trend to new heights.


Our own CEO, Meg Whitman, never one to miss out on the fun has a healthy collection of selfies that HP friends and employees have taken with her. Be sure to check them out.


HP_Selfies_1200x600 (1).jpg

Image Sources (left to right): @mrtech1,  @dralissajay, @byteconnector


As this Google Trends graph indicates, the selfie trend starting showing the first signs of life in 2013 and didn’t reach its peak until April of 2014. That means we’ve probably already encountered 2015’s next big thing. What do you think the big tech-driven trend of 2015 will be? 3D printing? Motion computing? Let us know in the comments.

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