Meg Whitman Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Our own Meg Whitman bravely accepted Michael Dell’s challenge and poured a bucketful of icy water on her head to raise awareness and funds for ALS research.


While the challenge technically is to either douse yourself with the bucket of ice water or make a donation, many have done both, and Meg of course is no exception. Having lost a friend to ALS in the past, it was an issue that really struck home for her, and she was honored to do her part in spreading the word. Thanks for the challenge, Michael!


See the video of Meg getting doused:



As one who appreciates a little good-natured competition, Meg was quick to throw down the gauntlet herself, and called out her friends Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, and Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and GOP Presidential nominee, to take the challenge as well. Mary and Mitt both boldly accepted the challenge and issued their own!


See the video of Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors here:


See the video of Mitt Romney here: Mittbucket.JPG


Meg also challenged Condoleezza Rice. She needs to get out her checkbook. We are still waiting.


So far, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which allegedly originated in Boston in response to a popular Boston College baseball player’s ALS diagnoses, has been a tremendous success with $79.7 Million raised (and counting), and over 2.4 million ice bucket videos uploaded to Facebook.


This is great news for the future of ALS research, not only because of all the donations they have received, but because everyone with an internet connection is now familiar with the disease, how it effects people, and who they can go to with further questions or to help out. Learn more and donate:


And of course it’s been a blast watching people get doused with cold water!







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