Make a Statement With Your Mouse

Accessories can make or break an outfit.  Too few and you look like you didn’t put yourself together.  Too many and you look like the kid’s jewelry store at the mall exploded on you.   The same can be said for PCs and the accessories you need to deck it out. That’s why I wanted to let you know about a couple couture-ish HP mice that I spotted.


You don’t want some naked PC with generic gear. You want to make it “yours.” Beyond putting a different desktop background on your computer, these are ways to express your own irreverence, style, or humor with something you use every single day.  Cut to these little guys:




HP just announced several new designs of mice on our most popular mouse platform, the X4000, with illustrations and themes unlike any you have seen anywhere else.  They give you options for showing everyone that you aren’t just another vanilla mouse-user.


I’ve got to confess: I was quite surprised by the wacky, colorful, and bold designs, having never anticipated anything like these coming out of our shop—and I was really surprised when they unveiled my own personal favorite—a mouse with a mustache!  I think that would definitely qualify as a conversation starter. Movember, anyone?


Cheeky designs aside, these are all appearing on the HP X4000 - one of our top-selling mice today (the one I currently use by choice).  Boasting one of the longest battery lives in the industry, the ergonomic comfort and ease of use make this mouse a no-brainer.  Check out the video for these HERE.


The way I see it: If you are going to be sitting at your computer all day using a mouse, it should probably be one you enjoy looking at – or at least want to show off to others.  What would be your ideal design on your mouse?  Or if you could put a design on any other PC accessory, which would it be and what kind of design would you want to see?  I am really hoping to see more food on mice—a little pizza fits right in on my desk—or a drink Smiley Wink.  Or how about looking at the Golden Gate Bridge every day while sitting at work—there’s a monument that makes me really happy! 


Hit me back with your thoughts in the comments section, and I will see if I can’t convince the guys in the product teams to use that inspiration….

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