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Normally,  I get on this blog and can spit out a lists of hot new computers you should consider buying. It’s easy to get

wrapped up in all the sweetest new gear, but, y’know…budgets. So I got to thinking about it and pulled together a mini list for you. Not of the “sexy” products or even the hottest stuff out there, but a list of the supplemental things out there that don’t cost a ton, but people still need.  And I’m even going to throw in a couple suggestions on how to personalize these potential stocking stuffers.


A surge protector….?
“Gee, thanks for this….plug….” I know, I know. Sounds crazy, but SO MANY people don’t bother using proper surge suppression for their home PC. So, let me get this straight – you’re willing to sink countless dollars to protect your home theater, but you don’t think it’s worth protecting your laptop or home server? Get something good – rated to handle high voltage from all your home office gear. Maybe consider something like this joint effort from HP and Monster Cable. Maybe throw in a great portable surge protector that any self-respecting jetsetter doesn’t think about often, but really needs.


Thanks for the memory…?
Everybody needs a little extra space. And by space, I mean storage. When someone buys a new phone, tablet – or even a laptop. You should be going to the local store and grab whatever deals you can on flash memory. That new smartphone with 16GB of storage? Pop in a 64GB SDXC and you’re good to go. Here’s the general guideline I go with: If you’re spending less than $1 per gigabyte of storage, you’re in good shape. Also, make sure that the device you’re buying memory for can support it. For example, some devices will top out at 32GB of external memory (like the Slate 7 Extreme). So, if you’re buying someone a sweet new device, you can pair it with an extra memory card loaded with some of his or her favorite pictures, videos and whatnot to personalize the gift.


The optical option
We live in a time of amazing interconnectivity and streamlined designs. We also are relying on optical storage less and less. Many of the smaller form factor laptops have already shed optical drives as a result. THAT SAID, there are still a few reasons you might need to keep ‘em around. For starters, backing up hard copies of important files onto DVDs is good for safe-keeping. How about for drivers and programs you have that still come on those olde-tyme discs. What if you’re nowhere near an Internet connection -- or, crazy-talk here, you actually have a music CD? Hey, it happens. Funny way to personalize this beyond buying an external optical drive as a gift: Consider giving this along with an obscure movie / album that you can’t normally get online in digital form.


The little things….
Sometimes it could be a quirky case you need (like, for example, this slip case made specifically for our 13-inch 2-in-1 hybrid PCs) or it could be a new controller (be it a gamepad, mouse…or maybe the Wireless Trackpad that basically gives you a touch pad control for your desktop).


All right, so that was just a starter list to get you thinking creatively about what else you can wrap up for people that falls under the, “what they really need” category….but have some fun with it.

You have any ideas for people on your list that you’d like to share?

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