Is This is The Watch of The Future?

I don’t consider myself a “watch person.” That said, if someone ever offered a timepiece that worked in conjunction with my phone to view, integrate and respond to apps, email and text messages – I’d definitely do a double take. About five years back, we displayed a concept watch that would act as your personal wireless gateway. It was part of our vision for what mobile tech could look like in, say, 2015. Without us being aware, Fossil saw that vision and went off and worked on creating their version of that concept watch.




Awhile back, I received a call from Fossil asking for a meeting. When they came in, they showed us an early prototype version of a watch they refer to as MetaWatch. I was shocked. Now it doesn’t do everything we defined as part of the concept, but it does some of the basics that I think we would all want. It can display, respond and interact with the applications running on the wireless devices you have.


During a recent trip to China, I showed the MetaWatch by Fossil in the context of an investigation we call the “family of devices.” Now, let me be clear about this: The MetaWatch isn’t something you can buy. Nor is this some kind of promise that anyone is even producing it. Right now, it is an investigation that Fossil (and HP) are currently working on.



My ultimate kid fantasy of having the D!ck Tracy watch may not be that far away.


What do you think of the MetaWatch concept? Is it high time for a watch to offer all sorts of connected features? What would you like to see in it? Let me know in the comment box.



by Asbel
on ‎03-05-2011 05:42 AM

I think it would be very useful if a watch replaced the usb thumbdrive. Add Touch-to-share to the watch and all your future computing devices. Storage could be in the cloud and on the watch. It could also be used to unlock your devices like the proximity keys in new cars.

by Jedibeeftrix
on ‎03-06-2011 12:00 PM

Bizarrely enough i suggested that Apple should do the same thing with their ipod nano the day before:


Why will it take till 2015 to turn this concept into a product, the technology is already here, as is the software now that you own WebOS.............?

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎03-06-2011 03:32 PM

Fwiw, Jedibeeftrix, I think they just put a stake in the ground, saying 2015. Remember, it was five years ago....trying to guess the future.


But agree, would LOVE to see this functionality happen!


(besides, I'm a huge watch guy)

by That Guy Over There
on ‎03-07-2011 08:04 AM

Oh please. I'm reminded of the MIcrosoft/Timex watch collaboration of the mid-90s, and the later Microsoft/MSN watches (mid-00's) that allowed you to download information to your watch and/or stream internet information (stock quotes, weather, etc.) to the watch. I have yet to see a watch that has the display space or user interface to allow interaction in any meaningful sense with anything but the time, time functions, and date or very limited other sensors (where the information can be displayed in a line of text). I don't see how this watch can break that limited-display, limited input barrier, at least without looking **bleep** Tracy ugly. I've owned all those watches (and more), and they're all in a box in my closet - because they simply don't work well at a job any more complicated than being a watch.

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎03-07-2011 08:59 AM

@That Guy Over There: Yeah, I've been suckered in and owed all those watches you just described. And then some. I'm a big fan of big, chunky watches these days and the face on them is more than enough to display data. And yeah, I think that the major hurdles in the past -- namely connectivity and bandwidth constraints -- kept past techno-watches from really nailing all the functionality people like you and me want. 


Are we there yet? That, I can't tell you for certain....but it's not going to stop me from hoping.


by attroy
on ‎03-07-2011 12:14 PM

One way to display is to use the whole watch band surface..

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎03-07-2011 06:54 PM

The watchband? That's an awesome idea!

by jedibeeftrix
on ‎03-08-2011 06:16 AM

@ Gizmogladstone - "I think they just put a stake in the ground, saying 2015. Remember, it was five years ago....trying to guess the future"


good point, lets hope for a WebOS watch in 2012 then.




by Headcipher
on ‎03-09-2011 01:45 PM

I see an opportunity for the watch to be your wireless identity. The way I see this is it being the key to your profile, cloud storage access, and settings for any WebOS device that you pair to it. It could even be as easy as touching a watch button and doing the whole touch to share. It could also carry the codes for your credit cards. 

by monkeyben
on ‎03-09-2011 04:43 PM
I'm afraid to say, Sony Ericsson have already done a "MetaWatch" called LiveView: - It does use Android though, so a webOS MetaWatch would be cool. I just worry that having bluetooth perminatley turned on your phone would drain it's battery too much. @monkeyben
by Downtroden
on ‎03-11-2011 03:47 AM

The watch is a great Idea, but unlike the LiveView I think it nees to be kinetically charged rather than a mains charge. Also the Idea of a wifi hotspot on your wrist would same me so much time. Also why does it need to conect through Bluetooth, there are so many security risk by leaving bluetooth on on your phone, would connection through wifi not be better?

by Wilde
on ‎03-13-2011 02:00 PM

I'm waiting for a WiFi/WiDi/Bluetooth enabled wristwatch that can project a 2D display on a flat surface or a virtual 3D holograph that's adjustable to any specific size you want. The watch would be kinetically powered with a battery and solar backup, as well as being waterproof, shockproof and able to double as a phone, video/still camera and GPS. Of course, it would need to have a built-in health monitor that would automatically power down the watch when all this damn technology sends your heart rate through the roof!!

by kamiue
on ‎03-19-2011 06:53 PM

I think the watch idea is cool and I can see myself using it in the future (provided HP brings webOS to Singapore- just saying). With touch to share it might add another connected device to their ecosystem and run apps that need not be restriced to a small screen. For example, a running app that tracks ur distance. Tap to your phone to get the app, start running, come back tap to ur phone again to get statistics of the distance you covered. Now that would be cool!

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