How to Raise a Nerd. Lesson One: Server Storybooks

Y’know, I often joke around that I’m a nerd. But it’s not like you come across this “skill” at birth. You pick up stuff along the way, you tinker, you start playing videogames when you should be out playing football and before you know it – BOOM – you’re coding and creating Doom WAD files. “BUT,” I often ask myself, “How can I make sure that my offspring is a magnadork? How can I instill that love of tech into them?”


Considering how much it’s a part of everyday life now, it shouldn’t be too hard, right? Well, recently rummaging through the HP SmartHome with my pal, Josh Schoonmaker, we came across this little story book. It’s for real. It’s for nerds. It’s….well, rather than tell you about it, how about we just read you a little bedtime story? Feel free to drag your laptop into the kids’ room as I’m sure that this will lull them to  dream of “0”s and “1”s.



I might just assemble more lessons in this series. After all, look where I’m working these days! Do you think that this would work on your kids? Have any nerdy lessons you’d want to share with the next generation?

Let’s hear your two cents.

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