How HP, YouTube and you created new music



Over the past couple days, we took over YouTube with music producer Clams Casino and rapper Vic Mensa. We called it 2Days Beat where we took YOUR comments and made a sweet track with them. The results: Well, rather than talk about it, how’s about you just hear the results. Click this link for SoundCloud and we’ll talk in a minute.


2Days Beat SoundCloud Page, Day 1

2Days Beat SoundCloud Page, Day 2


That was just the results from day one. During the second day of the music experiment, they refined the sound – again, with help of your comments – and worked on a music video. I’ll plug a link in of that soon, but in the meantime, check out this video loop on YouTube of Day 2.



06_hp-clams-day2_1250.jpgThose astute among you are noticing that Clams was using his Split x2 to get the whole thing done. He’d be at the deck, producing the sound….then, when he needs to move around, just detach the screen and he’s moving around the scene. THAT’s what I love most about the Split x2. That flexibility.


So a little bit more about the Split x2 for those of you who haven’t seen me write about it a million times before on this blog. The Split x2 is a great little 13.3-incher – in fact, it’s my day-to-day machine right now. The tablet portion has all the major guts of the PC inside - I’ve got a fully functional Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM….128GB of storage (and a micro SDHC card slot). What’s impressive (to me, at least) is that you’re getting a fanless Intel Haswell processor sandwiched behind the slim screen – so you get a surprising amount of juice in there. The base hosts the keyboard, ports like HDMI and USB. Not to mention an optional 500GB HDD that can stash all your stuff. This has more than enough power for getting me through the day, doing everything from play games to…answer emails and write goofy blog posts. You get the idea. Learn more about the Split x2 HERE. Or just ask me questions in the comments.


Wanna grab a Split x2 and see what you can create?

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