Hard-Hitting Football Tech

Over the last 20 years, technology has become a dominant presence in football. Mobile apps have allowed fans to order food from their seats and video and communication systems have minimized controversial referee calls.


Technological advancements have had an impact on everything from instant replay reviews to player evaluation to play calling. The 2015-2016 season is shaping up to be the year that technology gets even deeper into the stadiums and sidelines—and even on the players themselves.


Tablets for gridiron glory


Football is a game of information. How does the opposing team approach their offense? What holes can we penetrate in their defense? Which players are the key to the opposition’s winning strategy? For generations, teams have been trying to gather as much data as possible about their opponents through game film, scouting and now through the use of devices in the palm of their hand.


With the advent of tablets, coaches now have access to dynamic information on the sideline in an instant. Tablet's brilliant HD displays, internet connectivity, portability and storage are allowing coaches and players alike to draft new plays, review routes and check in on stats from the sideline. Player stats, playbooks and game film that used to live on whiteboards, notecards and huge binders can now be accessed from one device.


Tablets are also playing a role in player safety. In the event of an injury, medical personnel can access player’s medical histories in a few swipes. And in the future, tablets may even record biometric information to aid in diagnosis and immediate treatment of injuries.


It’s clear that mobile computing and tablets provide countless benefits for coaches, players and fans alike. Whether you’re involved in youth, high school, college or professional football, tablets can help you get an edge on your rivals. (Hint: HP just so happens to make light and powerful tablets, Coach!)



Player stats in the digital era


This season, NFL fans will be able to add a whole new dimension to fandom with a new generation of player statistics. This year fans and broadcasters can track players’ performance through data taken from radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips embedded on players’ shoulder pads.


So now, instead of just marveling at that zigzagging 65-yard touchdown run, you’ll know that the running back actually ran 104 yards at 19 miles per hour all while slipping 9 tackles. Now that will give you a whole new appreciation for these incredible athletes and America’s favorite game!


Are you looking forward to more technology being integrated into football? How do you think technology can improve the game or the fan experience?

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