HP tablets, detachables hit Intel’s Bay Trail

Last week during IDF, Intel trumpeted the release of its Bay Trail platform – these chips are incredibly well-suited for going mobile. What I couldn’t tell you until now is that there are two interesting developments on the HP side – a new Pavilion 11-inch 2-in-1 (HP Pavilion11 x2) and a 10-inch tablet (HP Omni10) – that are pretty awesome thanks to having Bay Trail under the hood.


Why is Bay Trail a big deal? Well, let me start answering the question by looking back to last year when we announced the ENVY x2 – that particular machine rocked Intel’s Clover Trail CPU. It worked well for me. Since then, I have used my ENVY x2 for work, play and just about everything in-between. The battery life is great (over 10 hours in my case)! And that form factor? Let me just say that the original ENVY x2 was an aptly named head-turner. But I wished for a little more CPU oompf. Wish granted! Last week at IDF, Intel spokespeople said Bay Trail’s offerings look to potentially double what we saw in that initial ENVY x2 (check out Michael Brown’s report at PC World). In essence, it’s making higher-performance computing even more affordable than ever before.

How does it perform? Well, on the surface, it is SNAPPY with a capital “S.” Boot times were quick and I was whipping through Windows 8.1 navigation on both the HP Pavilion11 x2 and the HP Omni10. It was noticeably faster than when I’d use the ENVY x2. Honestly, I only had very limited hands-on, so I will have to get back to you with updated hands-on reports in the near future. In the meantime, though, I had to share a couple thoughts about some standout features of the HP Pavilion11 x2 and the HP Omni10 since you already got me talking about em….


Omni 10 sideview.JPGHP Omni10
First, let’s talk tablet. If you’re looking for a tablet-first device that will handle your everyday tasks (and play games) with ease, you need to check this 10-inch tab out. Since it’s all about the screen, let’s start there: A 10-inch screen that’ll give you 1920 by 1200 pixel resolution. With Windows 8.1 and the Intel Atom Z3000-series CPU and 2GB of RAM under the hood, I hear that this will run 9 hours on a single charge. So it’ll last you through the day. Speaking of which….I know that we aren’t billing this as a business machine, but it also happens to come loaded with MS Office 2013. The full monty. No trialware nonsense. Awesome. OK, other points-of-coolness: Note the stand / charging dock and small bluetooth keyboard. This tablet not only has the juice to handle your daily workload. You could prop it up at a desk and use it to get the job done.

I don't have pricing info to share with you yet, but I can tell you that the Omni10 should be available in November.


HP Pavilion 11 x2.JPGHP Pavilion11 x2
The most basic way I can think of describing this new Pavilion model is a little reductive, but it gets right to the point: It’s a hard-plastic-shelled version of what you saw in the O.G. ENVY x2 (that had an 11.6-inch screen as well), but this time out, it gets a lot more zip under the hood thanks to Bay Trail. So, trade that metal shell for a nimble little machine that’s available in Pearl White, Flyer Red and Sparkling Black. Under the hood, 4GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. This will be available starting at $599.99 come November 17th.


Well, that’s your quick look at these two. Stay tuned for more information here on The Next Bench and I’ll keep you plugged in with more info about how these guys work when I get more time with them.



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