HP’s Latest Gaming-Grade PCs Appearing at E3

When people hear “Gaming PC,” they think “Super-expensive monolith.” I feel like I’m preaching to the choir here at TheNextBench – you guys know that these days, that’s not the case. PC gamers can get a great experience from mainstream gaming desktops like HP’s Pavilion HPE Phoenix, on the go with a Pavilion dv7, an ENVY Ultrabook 6…or even on a huge touchscreen computer like the TouchSmart 520. This coming Tuesday, we’re demoing a number of these units at the HP table at Showstoppers during E3...


envy6.jpgHP ENVY Ultrabook 6
As an Ultrabook, you know that the ENVY Ultrabook 6 can deliver good battery life in a thin profile. This Ultrabook, though, offers a little something extra under the hood. You can choose from the latest 2nd or 3rd Gen Intel Core Processors to power the experience and upgrade to discrete AMD graphics. This means you can get snappy to go without weighing you down.


HP Pavilion Phoenix HPE
The Phoenix lets you pack a lot inside. This small case accommodates a 600W power supply and enough juice to support one of those juicy discrete graphics cards like nVidia’s 680. There’s 4-DIMM slots on the motherboard that can handle up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM and a removable drive cage that can hold three internal hard drives. You can opt for light-up liquid cooling for silent running. Curious about how well it all works together in the Phoenix? 


HP Pavilion dv7
The new Pavilion dv7 is one impressive piece of hardware that features some slick, tapered lines and plenty under the hood. It accommodates the Beats audio speaker bar sitting below the crisp 17-inch screen and under the hood, you could configure up to 16GB DDR3 RAM, a 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 CPU and….a 2GB GeForce 650M GPU. 


HP TouchSmart 520 AIO Consumer PC_Front Left_Close Up.jpgHP TouchSmart 520
Tablets are big now, but TouchSmarts – and their big touch-screen experience have been around for years. The TouchSmart 520 continues the tradition with its eye-catching all-in-one design while still managing to get a little extra horsepower under the hood. While it is capable of performing many tasks (including allowing you to draw on-screen), it also lets you experience some PC games in new ways.


I’m planning to share some of what happens on the blog as we demo stuff , but don’t let that stop you from asking questions!

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