HP Z Workstation Brings Space School to Life

The HP Z Workstations have been on a roll lately. It didn’t take long for the film industry to notice the incredible specs and capabilities behind this series of rendering and editing powerhouses, and in short order, it was adopted by several big studios to help make the Hollywood blockbusters you know and love. DreamWorks uses HP Z Workstations for their content; as did the Academy Award-nominated Planet of the Apes and Gone Girl.


Today, the HP Z Workstation has one more film to add to its impressive resume. Space School is the first film of its kind - a digital, live-action, fulldome film. It tells the incredible story of how astronauts train and live underwater in order to prepare for missions in outer space. It was shot in realer-than-real 6K resolution with the RED Dragon camera and produced by the Emmy Award-winning team behind Jonathan Bird's Blue World.




Fun fact: The HP Z Workstation that was used had to edit computationally-complex 6K/60p RAW files that ran 8 GB/minute.


Space School premieres Friday, January 16th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and promises to be a hit. As for what’s next for HP Z Workstations? Just keep watching your local film listings. It’ll no doubt be playing a starring role in the production of more than a few of your favorite movies this year.


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