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I feel like I’m always online, searching for new recipes. How about you? After an informal survey around the office I found that, like me, several of my colleagues browse for recipes on various websites at least a couple of times a week.  In fact, some are searching on line more often than grabbing a cookbook off the shelf. Think about it --  typing in keywords is much faster than looking up how to grill corn in an index.  Folks are telling me that they appreciate the ratings and comments section for each on line recipe so that they have an idea of how good it is, how easy it is to make and sometimes there are user tips that can improve the flavor of a dish like using less salt or adding more curry. (Who says too many cooks spoil a broth?)


I think we can all agree that finding a great recipe on line isn’t difficult, but remembering where we found it when we want to make it again is the tricky part!  This is where HP’s Recipe Box comes in handy.  It’s an application that HP developed specifically for the TouchSmart PC and it’s as easy as pie to use!  Just open the app, enter a URL, find the recipe you’re looking for and touch the “extract recipe” button.  The app basically scrapes the recipe from the site into your digital recipe box.  Want to see how it works in action?



The Recipe Box application is easy to use and a great way to digitally store all of your recipes including the ones that you find on line.  You can categorize each recipe (i.e. Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert), edit them, and note the prep and cooking times all with the touch of a finger.  And if you’re so inclined, you can even use a wireless Bluetooth headset and enable voice commands so that the computer will read the recipe to you and you can be hands free in the kitchen.  How cool is that?


Do you own a TouchSmart? Have you tried Recipe Box? We’d love to hear what you think. More important, do you have any good recipes to share?


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