HP SpectreXT: The All-Aluminum Ultrabook Appears

Wasn’t so long ago, we were unveiling of the ENVY 14 Spectre. Its freaky all-glass design grabbed attention – and awards – at this year’s CES as the Ultrabook to beat. Well, the SpectreXT  is a brushed-metal eye catcher going for the same gusto: A stylish, slimmer (14.5 mm thin) and lighter(3.07 pound) Ultrabook. So I won’t be too offended if you just ogle the pictures and ignore what I write. 



I haven’t had a TON of time with the newest iteration quite yet, so I can only give you this first, quick impression to whet your appetite. Think of this as the all-metal counterpart to the Spectre you already know is out there.


I’ve always been kinda partial to brushed metal on my machines for a couple reasons. The number one being that I can be a bit rough on my gear. Even dented metal can look a little cool, I suppose. The glassy ImagePad on the SpectreXT carries over from the original Spectre. It feels nice and is raised a little above the rest of the wrist-rest area so it completely stands out from its surroundings both visually and by touch.



All you corporate raider types will be happy to hear that it’s projected to last eight hours. So one day’s worth of meetings, you should be covered. Like all Ultrabook devices, it promises quick startup / shutdown times and when you need to bag up the SpectreXT, I’ve been told that it can sit on standby for a full week – ready to fire back up. No doubt, I’m gonna want to see that one for myself.


The other things that should light up IT folks’ day:


Intel Smart Connect Technology, which automatically updates email while the notebook is in sleep mode. 

The HP SpectreXT offers a performance-tuned software image, full versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and a concierge phone line for technical support that is dedicated exclusively to HP ENVY Spectre users.


SpectreXT comes pre-loaded with one year of Absolute Data Protect, two years of Norton Internet Security and Intel Identity Protection.  Additionally, Intel Identity Protection provides advanced security.  In short, some of the security features that you find in our buttoned-up business laptops – EliteBooks – you’re going to find in this slim little guy. 



Don’t worry, it still has plenty of “fun” stuff you’re looking for….Beats audio? YUP, still got it. Keep your eyes peeled for the speaker grill sitting near the hinge and under the display and two side-firing speakers on the Ultrabook’s undercarriage.

How does it perform? Well, that is a great question for another time. I haven’t been officially sanctioned to discuss what lies under the hood quite yet.  Let’s just say that it features, “The latest Intel processors.” I’ll let you do the math on that one.


When I actually get more of a chance to kick the tires, I’ll try to fill in more of the blanks for you about the $999 Ultrabook that’ll start shipping this June. In the meantime, Slick marketing video: ACTIVATE!






Feel free to hit me here with your questions. 

by chigi1994
on ‎06-23-2012 09:08 AM

pls i want to have a laptop

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