HP Pocket Playlist – WiFi Media Streaming in Your Hand

Let me paint a picture: You’re on a trip with your kids. Somewhere between the mountains – out of cell range and between pit stops – your little angels are crying because they want to watch more episodes of a show than you could fit into a phone. You want to finish watching that movie you downloaded at home, but didn’t have enough room on your tablet to take it with you. What’s a guy to do? That’s the point of HP’s Pocket Playlist ($129) that we’re announcing just in time for my road trip to CES (but will be available March 25).


pocket playlist 2.pngWhen you’re off-the-grid, you’re at the mercy of how much storage you have available on your device. What I found interesting about the Pocket Playlist – roughly the size of a cigarette case – is that this more than just 32GB of portable storage (that translates to 16 movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos). This is also a portable WiFi transmitter. Basically, it’s a local area media streamer. You download the app on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device (iOS or Android) and use that WiFi signal to connect. Then, you’re able to navigate the storage on the Pocket Playlist.


Loaded up with media, I’m told the Pocket Playlist can serve out to five different client devices at once. That means that each of your kids can watch more of that show, your significant other can catch up on that GOD AWFUL reality show, and you can finally finish watching The Expendables 2 all at the same time…and there is still an extra stream available to feed out to a buddy.


One other thing that I think is kinda sweet: A Actually, here's something I'd recommend that you try right now....and consider using with a Pocket Playlist when they are available: PlayLater. Think of it as a software DVR for online content – you can record video content from various online sources (like Hulu) so that you can watch it….you guessed it….later. I actually already paid for that handy app, so the idea of online content that I can take with me offline is perfect for something like the Pocket Playlist.  Being able to take entertainment to the gym to make that treadmill time pass more quickly is priceless… we can all use help with those “new year’s resolutions!” (Or, in the case  of the Pocket Playlist, I suppose that you could bring the A/V party for you and four of your gym buddies).


I don’t have final Pocket Playlist driver software at present time….but I am hoping to put this to the test during CES as I try to randomly stream out my content to buddies at the show (whether they actually like my content, that’s another matter entirely).  So stay tuned on that one.


Could you use something like this? I’d like to hear what you guys think of the Pocket Playlist and what you'd do with it when it ships this spring.

by stewerin

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