HP Movie Store brings Hollywood to the TouchPad

I’ll admit that I’m one of the last people at HP to get my hands on the HP TouchPad. But I finally had an opportunity for serious play with the device this week, just in time for the launch of the HP Movie Store and Kindle apps (more to come on the Kindle shortly). 


Powered by RoxioNow, a Rovi company, the HP Movie Store gives the HP TouchPad a jolt of entertainment value. Thousands of movies and TV shows are available through the service which, by the way, is also shipped with several HP notebooks and desktops.


The browsing experience is pretty straight forward. Four simple options comprise the main nav – “Movies,” “TV,” “My Library” and “Wish List.” Pretty much what you’d expect from a service like this. I spent a bit of time adding movies and shows to my “Wish List” which is essentially a feature that allows you to bookmark movies and shows for future viewing.


I was pleasantly surprised by the catalogue the service offered. Off that bat, I downloaded two “new to DVD” movies I’ve been meaning to catch for a while – Limitless and Arthur (the one starring our friend Russell Brand, not the classic.) The prices are in-line with what you’d expect, around $15 for a movie and $3.99 for a movie rental, the latter an option that works well for the “view and discard” types like me. The TV show catalogue is solid as well, with many of my favorites like Weeds, Chuck and Mad Men.


And now the good stuff. Limitless played smooth with no stuttering or freezing. Not a big surprise considering the dual-core snapdragon processor. The LED display also looked great, and I had no issue with the viewing angle or reflection from the screen, although I didn’t try it in full sunlight…not something I’d recommend at any rate.   


The built-in Beats Audio, paired with my BeatsPro Headphones, allowed for a very crisp audio experience. The professional-grade headphones might be a bit impractical for viewing on the run, but something everyone should try at least once. The only hiccup was the download speed. Make sure you have full-strength signal when downloading. I didn’t, and Limitless took a while to download.


Over and out. Bring on the popcorn.    

by Peter Panousis
on ‎07-24-2011 08:21 PM
There are a bunch of us in HP Australia waiting to get our hands on this piece of kit. Will be interesting to see how the Movie Store works over here but at last it will give me an alternative to iTunes.
by TeckieGirl
on ‎08-02-2011 09:38 PM

please bring the big bang theory , modern family and the move date night to the store....not a big fan of horror

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