HP Joins the Surface Enterprise Initiative

Guest Post by Mike Nash


Mike Nash here from the Customer Experience and Portfolio Strategy team at HP. Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi today announced that HP is part of the Surface Enterprise Initiative, which brings a new set of solutions to help enterprises get the most from Windows 10.


Our customers have given us great feedback on HP’s own devices, as evidenced by our positon as the world’s #1 Commercial PC maker, our unparalleled market position, our go-to-market capability and our service capacity. But they’ve also told us that they want to deploy Microsoft’s excellent Surface Pro 3, due to its form factor and usage flexibility, among the other systems in their enterprise environments.


These same customers – especially global customers – have said they would like to see HP not only selling Surface Pro 3, but also supporting it.  To respond to this set of customer needs, we are excited to announce that as part of the Surface Enterprise Initiative with Microsoft, we will be offering the Surface Pro 3 through the HP direct sales force. Independently, we will also be offering a new set of HP Care Packs designed specifically to help customers to plan, configure, deploy and manage in enterprise environments. We also plan to offer some mobility workflow transformation tools and services that will be available next year.




Our experience as a leader working with enterprise customers has taught us that while great products are an absolutely necessary ingredient, successful deployments and operations depend on world-class service and support. This starts with great planning that leads to streamlined deployments and operating models that simultaneously address the needs of business end users, and further the mission of the business while enabling IT to meet and exceed their service level agreements.


One question I expect that you may have is, “Does this mean that HP won’t be offering detachable products in the future?” Well, as you know we have products like the HP Elite X2 1011, HP Pro X2 210, HP Pro X2 612 and HP Pavilion X2 that recently launched. And while I am not here to announce any new products today, I can suggest that you continue to watch this space.

by hoowei
on ‎01-08-2017 06:48 PM

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by testezero

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