HP E-rate Solutions: The Perfect Fit for K-12 Education

Guest post by Christina Morrison


Houston, we have a problem. According to Education SuperHigway, 72% of our schools and over 40 million students do not have access to the connectivity they need.


Houston, we have a solution: HP’s E-rate Solutions, to be exact.


In short, HP offers a range of low cost networking solutions that help K-12 schools and libraries stay connected to the Internet and improve student classroom performance.


I wanted to learn more about HP’s E-rate program, so I chatted with Greg Herbold, HP’s Director U.S. Sales Programs for Public Sector SLED. I asked him about how E-rate helps improve student performance, and how it affects 1:1 learning and Common Core.




Here’s what he had to say:


“1:1 and Common Core are woven together. Technology skills are a required outcome if we want our students to be competitive in the marketplace. Along with a device for every student, schools need to have robust networks in place. They also need automation tools like software-defined networking to effectively manage that. At the end of the day, it’s going to be hard for teachers to get students down the path towards achieving state standards if they don’t have access to online learning tools.”


When I asked Greg to list the one thing he would like everyone to know about E-rate, he listed three. He’s anything but shy. Take it way, Greg:


“First, I think every school and library should be excited about what the FCC has done, and for recognizing the criticality of broadband networks and wireless within the schools.”


“Secondly, with the renewed investment E-rate is making in networks and wireless in the classroom, this is an excellent time for schools and libraries to explore the latest in networking technologies and business models. These innovations can significantly reduce the total cost of operation, and eliminate much of the manual effort needed to manage a network.”


“And finally, I want all schools and libraries to know that HP has made significant investments in networking innovations, and has a lot to offer schools that are taking advantage of E-rate.”


And now a question for you, dear readers. How well connected is your school? Do you think a program like E-rate would benefit your students? Let us know in the comment section.


If you want to learn more about HP’s E-rate program, please see our online brochure.


If you have questions about E-rate, call your HP representative or email Nancy Schwarz at nancy.schwarz@hp.com.

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