HP Chromebook11: Made with Google


[UPDATE: Click here for a hands-on tour of the new Chromebook11] 



Meet the new HP Chromebook11 – an ultra-portable Chromebook made in close collaboration with Google.  Inspired by the Pixel’s iconic design at an affordable $279.99(estimated street price), it’s made for everyone. The HP Chromebook11 is the first affordable Chromebook with a brilliant IPS display and first Chromebook ever to use USB charging.


The 11.6-inch diagonal IPS screen provides clear images and a wide 176-degree viewing angle, making it easy to share your screen. With USB charging, you can use the same charger to charge your Android phone or tablet.


This Chromebook is portable (2.3 pounds), stylish, has a great screen and long battery life – up to 6 hours!   – while keeping you connected to your favorite apps.   (HP is using Google Chrome OS power_LoadTest.  Battery life will obviously vary and the maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See http://www.chromium.org/chromium-os/testing/power-testing for more info.)


This ultra-thin Chromebook is also gorgeous!  The sleek and lightweight design comes in either a white modern design with blue, red, yellow or green color accents or a more traditional black design, and all come with a cool lightbar on the lid.  It’s super sturdy, with a thermal-bonded magnesium chassis that protects against everyday bumps.  


In short, the HP Chromebook11 is great for everyday use, kicking back on the couch or as a gift for that always-on-the-go friend or family member. It’s also a great device for learning and classrooms, or for games and other fun content.


A quick look at other features:


●      Powerful ARM processor:  Super responsive, the HP Chromebook11 allows you to quickly access your stuff and favorite apps   

●      Digitally-tuned speakers under the keyboard for crisp clear audio

●      A full size keyboard and trackpad that are responsive to the touch and feel great

●      A webcam and two USB 2.0 ports

  • Software and services to get the most out of your HP Chromebook11
    • Optional 4G LTE connectivity: Get online in more places! Optional 4G LTE connectivity is coming soon through Verizon for an additional fee, for a dynamic mobile Internet experience.   
    • 100GB of Google Drive storage:  Store and access your files and content with 100GB of Google Drive storage, free for 2 years. (1)  
    • 60-day free trial with Google Play Music All Access
    • 12 free sessions of GoGo® Inflight Internet


We will also be selling the HP Chromebook11 and the HP Chromebook14 through our commercial channel to businesses and schools.


(Click here for a hands-on tour of the new Chromebook11 from TheNextBench.com's Darren Gladstone.)


The HP Chromebook11 joins the HP Chromebook14, HP SlateBook x2, the HP Slate7 and HP Slate21 All-in-One as part of HP’s approach to offer the Google experience and a choice of multiple operating systems to our customers.


Both of our new Chromebooks – the HP Chromebook11 and the HP Chromebook14 – are great for everyday use at home or on the go. 


Starting at $279.99 with wifi, the HP Chromebook11 in the white with blue color accents is available in the U.S. at select retailers starting today and is expected to be available on October 16, 2013 on hpshopping.com.  Additional colors are available at Google Play.    The LTE version of the HP Chromebook11 is expected to be available later this year.


Starting at $299.99, the Chromebook14 is expected to be available in the U.S. on hpshopping.com on November 10 and at select retailers in the U.S. this week.  The 4G version of the HP Chromebook14 is also expected to be available at select retailers this week.


Both the HP Chromebook11 and HP Chromebook14 are also expected to be available in commercial channels in the coming weeks.  Visit www.hp.com/go/chromebook11 for more info about HP’s latest Chromebooks! 



(1) 100 GB of free storage for two years, starting on the date offer is redeemed on eligible Chrome devices. Additional information about storage plan refunds, renewals, cancellations and expiration is available at the Google website: https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/2703646?hl=en.


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by tomarcom
on ‎12-01-2013 04:41 PM

Well I bought one of these before they were pulled from the shelfs at BB.  The charger gets so hot it is scary to use my hands to unplug it from the wall.  I started using another charger but the battery does not seem to hold a proper charge anymore.  The battery runs from fully charged to dead in about an hour now.  Is HP replacing the charger or the entire unit?  What am I supposed to do?

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