HP Beats Audio #WinChat: Your Questions, Answered

Ann Finnie and I jumped online with our pals at the Windows Blog to discuss Beats Audio, HP PCs and a whole lot more on Twitter during this past Tuesday’s #WinChat. We gabbed about everything from how HP first got involved with Beats, the tech behind the sound, people’s favorite summer jam lists…and, yes, even how wonderful Flo Rida smells (I’m looking at you, Kristina Libby!). So, we wanted to capture some of the great questions and conversations that came out of that lunch-hour tweetfest.


[The parts in bold are random answers, tweets and insights from Ann Finnie (@afinnie) and yours truly (@gizmogladstone). Also, as you may know, it’s a little hard to squeeze EVERYTHING you want to say into 140 characters. So, I’ll jump in here and there……]


TNB: Here’s the back story on how @HP started w/ @Interscope to engineer a new benchmark for PC audio. http://bit.ly/zqUSiT  


TNB: Hear how @HP and @Interscope collaborated to update @HP PCs to bring you Beats Audio. http://bit.ly/PaIeW7


TNB: We have a blog post that explains the @HP tech behind Beats Audio here: http://bit.ly/SBC2q4


@draagynslayer: RT I have to say, this is my all-time favorite @HP video about Beats Audio. Love the retro style! http://bit.ly/ibjJqT


Consider the above tweets with links the absolute must-see links if you want to bone up about what Beats audio is all about. These stories and videos will fill you in on the blanks. OK, now back to the conversation….and some other videos…


@DanielLaycock: Cool @beatsbydre and @HP ad. I need a job where I run around filming live concerts...  http://t.co/Y5l3aR24




TNB: Near and dear to my heart - many of our @HP desktop PC’s come with Beats Audio: http://bit.ly/Q3lGsN

@jdnorthwest: Which is perfect when you pair them with great speakers!


TNB: The HP dv6t, TouchSmart 520, 620, and Omni27 have quad speakers (the dv6 has quad speakers AND subwoofer) to enhance the sound!


TNB: And the @HP Pulse Subwoofer pairs with the HP TouchSmart 520, 610, 620 and Omni 27 desktop PCs.


@runaround8: What I love about the HP Subwoofer is that it has ventilation ports to let HP Pulse flow through large bass responses with ease.


It was around this point in the conversation when @sweepsmama asked what the difference between a Pavilion dv6 and dv6t are – here’s the PROTIP: On www.hpshopping.com, the The “t” at the end of the product name means that it has an Intel CPU inside; a “z” at the end means it has an AMD processor under the hood.





@Windows: What function keys do you use to engage Beats Audio on your @HP PC?


@mowpow08: Fn + B to engage Beats Audio


TNB: I use this function more than you'd think -- to see the difference.... RT @NerdMom: @Windows Q2 Function + B – engages Beats Audio


@runaround8: It is so easily accessible!


Sounds silly, but I can’t really imagine why I’d want to turn the Beats function off – but you can by hitting fn+B on laptops….or, on some keyboards, just look for the dedicated Beats button. While we’re on the subject, there is a great interface for the Beats Audio menu. You’re able to dig in and seriously tweak out the settings and create a custom profile if you wanted to do it.



dm1beats.JPG@MamaofAllTrades: Does Beats audio also enhance your movie experience on the PC?


TNB: @MamaofAllTrades @dreamfishing  yes, audio's optimized for full dynamics in sound effects without drowning the dialogue.


@MamaofAllTrades : Fantastic! So I can enjoy quality sound movies on flights. Very, very big plus!


@MamaofAllTrades: Nothing is worse than the music being so loud, but never being able to hear the dialogue.


TNB: @MamaofAllTrades Seriously, that is THE WORST!


@MamaofAllTrades: Right? And you're constantly turning the volume up and down, up and down. So annoying!!


TNB: Samuel L Jackson in….Beats on a Plane! [edit: I meant to post that, but my tweet didn’t go through. :/]


If we’re being real for a second here, speakers on our products are good, of course, but I find myself using headphonesWAY more frequently. I know that I can’t be alone on this, as evidenced by what @MamaofAllTrades was saying….and some thoughts right here….



TNB: On HP notebooks with Beats Audio we redesigned the headphone jack with no metal parts to reduce ground noise.


@msmary1962: I love the non-metallic hookups so you don't get that snap crackle and pop or only half an ear working.


@FirstClassKris: I didn't know the metal parts had that effect on the sound! Interesting!!


@kristinalibby: My niece got an @HP with @beatsbydre for her graduation gift. She LOVES it and her red headphones!




touchsmartbeats.JPGTNB: What’s the inspiration for using Beats? We're audio fans &we know that Beats in our PCs vastly improves sound quality!


@MamaofAllTrades: It's very true! And a reason Beats audio is the best option!



@DanielLaycock: @melindathrasher That's exactly what I'm saying. Good audio devices are good for the soul.


@socratesmaura: Good sound makes a whole world of difference on any PC


@brandonleblanc: I love listening to music and almost always listening to music throughout the day here at work so a PC with good audio is a must


@WendyNoel72: @brandonleblanc same here, it's the first thing I do when I turn on the computer






During the #WinChat, we gave away a TouchSmart 520 (http://bit.ly/OayIRs) and Pulse subwoofer (http://bit.ly/MrA6xM). The winner: @busyVAmom! Again, congrats!


@muydess: I would love this machine. I just moved and space is limited


@LivinLovin1: Hi!! My two favorite things in the world!!! RT @jeevonkay: Music and computers!! great chat today!



Well, that’s some of what you missed out on if you weren’t there for it. If you were among those who joined us, THANKS! We loved mixing it up with you guys and look forward to doing it again….and if you missed the Microsoft #WinChat, what’s up with that? Seriously. Every Tuesday, 12pm PT, check it out.


Now, if you ever have questions about Beats Audio in our PCs, go right ahead and drop us questions right here on the blog – or ask us on twitter (obviously).


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