HD 5210 Webcam: Even My Mom Can Use It

The HP accessories team just handed me this new imposing-looking webcam, the HD 5210. I’ve only started messing around with it and I can already see it’s got a solid software suite. I’ve also been told it packs a good H.264 chip onboard the Webcam so that it can compress HD video without taxing your PC. (SPOILER: Stay tuned for an update to Skype where you’ll really be able to see the difference in video chat quality – from what I’ve been told). My HP partners-in-crime want me to put it to the test. I plan to do just that in a couple days.


OK, before going any further, let me say this: I wasn’t originally planning to post the video you’re about to see below. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re tech support for your immediate family. And your in-laws. And the neighbors….and….you get the idea. So I decided to create a quick, basic video for my not-quite-tech-savvy Mom and Sister on how to set up the new HD 5210. Maybe it could save you from one tech support run as well.



Stay tuned, I expect to sit down with the Gladstone clan soon and will give you guys a full write-up of my experiences with the 5210. But if you have questions or things you’d like me to test with the camera, fire away!


Oh, and here’s a question for you guys: “Would you want me to try putting together more videos along these lines so that you don’t have to be tech support for your friends / family as often?”

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